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Over the years, our favorite superheroes have had updates that we either loved or hated. Out of all of the characters that have changed their looks, I'd say that Spider-Man's costume changes were the most noticeable (or at least the coolest.) Let's check out some of the coolest suits that the wall crawler has donned over the years.

13. The Amazing Bag Man

Spider-Man has been forced to abandon his classic red and blue suit on more than once occasion. When he lost the symbiote costume, Spidey was forced to use an old Fantastic Four costume, with a brown paper bag and a "Kick Me" sign on his back. He then leaped into action as The Amazing Bag Man! On another occasion, he went into action as the Bombastic Bag Man! This one gets points for being hilarious.

12. Spider Armor MK I

When the New Enforcers attacked New York using heavy weaponry, Spider-Man created this suit to protect his city. It was composed of a pseudo-metallic compound that Peter developed at Empire State University. The suit may have slowed him down, but it made him bulletproof. Unfortunately, the suit was destroyed by acid during the battle.

11. Spider Armor MK III

With tech from Horizon Labs, Peter created this suit to effectively fight the Sinister Six. Each feature served an awesome and important purpose. Let's take a look at a few.

Customized Helmet

  • Hearing Acuity Device: The audio in the helmet is made to hone in on Chameleon's specific heartbeat to easily detect him in disguise. Peter claims that this feature is inspired by Daredevil's special hearing ability.
  • Comm-Link: This special comm-link allows Spidey to reach his fellow Avengers, and other allies.

Enhanced Lenses

  • Holographic Visor: This special visor was designed to see through Mysterio's illusions and holograms (pretty neat huh?)
  • "Pink Hippo" App: After spraying Sandman with a radioactive solution, Spider-Man turned his lenses on and discovered a grain of sand in Marko's body that acts as a "queen bee" telling the other grains what to do. After connecting it to his suit, Spider-Man was then able to control Sandman's form via smartphone.
  • Electro-Proof: The suit effectively repels Electro, and can change Electro back to his human form. Nuff said.
  • Enhanced Durability: Spider-Man built this suit strong enough to withstand The Rhino's brute force. It's even proven to be strong enough to take a serious blow from Thor.

The suit also has flight, enhanced web shooters, and a sweet utility belt where Spider-Man can hold different types of webbing, spider traces, and ice-spiders. Aside from the features, this is one sweet looking piece of armor!

10. Iron Spider

During the events of Civil War, Peter Parker was resurrected after a battle to the death with Morlun, and given a new suit. The Iron Spider suit was built by Stark, with Stark Tech, and was influenced by Stark's suit (obviously.) This piece of armor has a handful of different capabilities, including a glider device, enhanced lenses, a repair layer, and 22 other cool capabilities that would take too long to mention!

9. Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

More than one character has used the name 'Scarlet Spider' but Ben Reilly was the first. He was Spider-Man's clone, who was created by the Jackal in order to fight the original Spider-Man. Since him and Peter shared the same memories, they became confused in battle. After being defeated, the clone escaped and assumed the alias Ben Reilly, a combination of his uncle's name, and his aunt's maiden name. Years later, the clone decided he wanted to become a hero, so he fashioned his own costume, becoming the Scarlet Spider. This has to be one of the coolest homemade suits out there.

8. Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

Kaine Parker was Jackal's first attempt at cloning Peter Parker. It was only a temporary success, due to the flawed cloning process that left Kaine deformed and mentally unstable. After being cured of his mutations, Kaine became the next Scarlet Spider. This suit has a simple, yet striking look. I'd say the red really brings out the 'murder' in Kaine's eyes.

7. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

A young Miles Morales from Earth-1610 was bitten by a spider, which gave him superhuman abilities such as increased agility, camouflage, some sort of stun blast, and wall crawling. Miles wasn't even excited about his powers, for he just wanted to be normal. Months later, the original Spider-Man met his death while trying to save his family from Osborn.

Miles arrived late to the scene, filled with grief for not being able to save Spider-Man. He then decided to follow Peter Parker's age old philosophy - With great power, comes great responsibility - as he carried on the legacy of Spider-Man. This suit borrows elements from the classic red and blue, while switching things up with a sweet looking red and black that fit the new wall crawler quite nicely.

6. Superior Spider-Man's 2nd Suit

While Doctor Octavious was in his last days, he switched bodies with Peter Parker. In their last battle, Parker seemingly died in Octavius' body. During the battle Peter showed Otto his memories as Spider-Man, resulting in Otto vowing to become a Superior Spider-Man. Otto changed up the costume a bit, trading the blue for the black, and adding different modifications to fit his needs. The suit has retractable claws, as well as spider arms on the back, paying homage to Octavius' previous identity. This new look is smooth, dark, and stylish. One that I sure don't have a problem with.

5. Spider-Man's Black Suit

I'm going to put this one in the same category as the symbiote. Only difference, is the black suit Spider-Man wore during Back In Black was made of cloth. Oh, and while in this suit, Spidey can't shoot his webs out of the top of his hands, but that's alright because this look is slick, and makes Spider-Man look like the menace J. Jonah accuses him of being (not that it's a bad thing.) The black suit just makes Spidey look more intimidating, and more like a Spider-Man who is done playing games with the criminals of New York City.

4. Captain Universe

Spider-Man was once granted the Uni-Power after a lab accident. His costume was cosmically changed into Captain Universe's outfit (pretty sweet huh?) The suit gave Spider-Man incredibly enhanced senses, speed, strength, flight, and limited telekinesis. A cosmically enhanced Spider-Man? How cool is that?!

3. Spider-Man 2099

The lucky duck to rock this suit was Miguel O'Hara, a brilliant geneticist from Earth-928. He lived in New York in the year 2099 A.D. where he attempted to recreate the abilities of the original Spider-Man in other people. During the experiments, he had an accident that caused half of his DNA to be re-written with a spider's genetic code.

O'Hara then became the first latino character to assume the identity of Spider-Man! This suit is made up of Unstable Molecule Fabric that allows it to repair itself, and it can never get dirty. With a skull-like spider, the tattered web cape, and more blue than red throughout, this sits high on the list of the coolest suits that Spider-Man has ever donned. Just look at it!

2. Spider-Man Future Foundation

This super clean black and white suit was given to the wall crawler when he joined the Future Foundation after the death of long-time friend, Johnny Storm. The suit is made of Unstable Molecules, allowing it to repair itself, change its appearance, and it can never get dirty! This futuristic look is nothing short of outstanding, allowing Spidey to stand out more than he has before. It's definitely a fan favorite!

1. Classic Spider-Man

This is what we first fell in love with, the suit that started it all. Nothing like the good 'ol red and blue! This gem is made from a Lycra and spandex body suit, and is what the webhead wore throughout his career. It's mostly blue with red gloves, boots, mid-section, and mask. As a kid, I always wondered how Spidey's lenses came in handy. Turns out they're plastic with a chrome covering that allows Peter to see out without anyone seeing in, they protect his eyes from dust particles, and protect his eyes from the glare of the sun while he's swinging through New York City. Peter himself came up with the design of the traditional suit, giving himself the opportunity to rid the city of crime without anyone finding out his true identity.

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