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So now we know. Comic Book Movie got an exclusive video that they claim shows the two sides of Captain America: Civil War. Jeremy Renner swiftly posted a tweet with an image from this, using it to illustrate what his new costume looks like, and inadvertently telling us all that this is real concept art. Check out the video below, and then read on for my analysis.

So be warned - spoilers follow!


There are only a few surprises here. Over in the comics, Falcon was Cap's loyal sidekick during Civil War, while the Winter Soldier was operating from the shadows and chipping in a little in the background. Hawkeye's choice seems quite a natural fit, and, of course, in the MCU his battle has become a little more personal. It's entirely possible that he'll play something of a 'Spider-Man' role, striving to keep his identity secret because he doesn't want his family caught up in the Accords. That being said, Kevin Feige resisted Joss Whedon's 'family' emphasis for Hawkeye in Avengers: Age of Ultron, so I suspect the family don't factor into the long-term MCU plans right now.

The interesting ones, though, are Ant-Man and Agent Carter. In the comics, Ant-Man's mentor, Hank Pym, was a major figure in the pro-registration side. It's quite possible we might see a split between Scott Lang and Hank Pym; on the other hand, it's equally possible that Team Cap will have the monetary might of Hank Pym behind them, giving them a bit more of a level playing field against Team Stark's multimillionaire boss.

Agent 13's inclusion is particularly fascinating, because it elevates her importance to a level no previous rumour had hinted at. Given that the comics' Civil War culminated in a mind-controlled Agent 13 assassinating Captain America, that might bode ill for the star-spangled man with a plan.


Team Stark, on the other hand, contains a couple of surprises. Iron Man has some heavyweights on his side - notably War Machine and the Vision, the latter of whom could probably be able to take on the entire Avengers team single-handedly. Some fans are speculating he'll take the role of the Thor clone Ragnarok in the Civil War comics, and be responsible for the first death.

Black Widow's presence will be gutting for Captain America; the two are close, and she's been acting as his lieutenant in his New Avengers team. But Black Panther is the real shocker. In the comics, he was one of the most prominent anti-registration figures, to the extent of travelling the globe building up an international alliance against the Registration Act. Movie-wise, the fact that the Hulk battle with Iron Man took place in Wakanda has presumably swayed his judgement against the superhero community.


Two heroes are missing in action, even though we know they play a major part in the story. First up: Scarlet Witch.

Elizabeth Olsen's powerful character is surely an ally both sides would seek - but it's entirely possible that the opening act of the drama leaves her under arrest, unable to play a part in it all. After all, there are rumours that the Scarlet Witch is partly responsible for the destruction that kicks the story into gear.

Whatever happens, I'm seriously hoping that the Scarlet Witch plays a major part in this story.

Then, of course, there's Spider-Man.

We know that Tom Holland's Spider-Man is important to Captain America: Civil War, but it looks as though he's not strongly aligned to either side. It's possible he'll play a similar role to the one in the original comics, with both factions tempting him, and maybe he'll even switch sides at one point.

There are also rumours that Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner may pop up in the film - he was certainly spotted in the area during filming. If so, these teasers don't give us any idea which side he'll be on or how his role will play out.

So there you have it - now we know how the sides are laid out! Captain America: Civil War is becoming less of a mystery by the day, as anticipation builds... Which, of course, leaves us all with just the one question:


Whose side are YOU on?

Source: Comic Book Movie


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