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Amy jo johnson

The original pink power ranger has On multiple performances not only as pink ranger kimberly hart but has went on to do a tv movie western Titled hard ground which also starred burt reynolds and bruce dern

Along with the hit crime drama flashpoint as officer jules callaghan. Amy jo has proven that she has acting range sex appeal a very underrated actress who can attract the fanbase plus just imagine her shooting putties with a mp5 and spouting one liners

Lucy lawless

Along with being xena the warrior princess and her upcoming role in the evil dead tv series

How was she not considered for one of the previous expendables films with a surname like lawless

Gotta be badass with either a broadsword or a m16 the female stallone

Michelle rodiguez

An staple in 21st century action films like the fast and furious franchise resident evil swat and machete and

Machete kills.she can whoop ass and look good while doing it and take shit from nobody definitely the ultimate action heroine the female jason statham a true veteran of the action genre

Uma thurman

After her badass performance in kill bill volumes 1 and 2 she put herself in the action hero/heroine hall of fame along with playing emma peel in the avengers even though it was a flop i personally liked it

Scarlett johannson

Along with playing the legendary black widow in the marvel cinematic universe and her epic performance in lucy proven not only acting range and sex appeal but a fan favorite for action films to come

Milla jovovich

As leeloo in 5th element and the badass alice in the resident evil franchise milla has proven herself

A veteran of the action genre

Ronda rousey

After her most recent mma match where she literally whoope her opponents ass in 34 seconds

And previous performance in expendables 3 shes definitely qualified for action films in the near future the female bruce lee

Halle berry

Even though her performance as catwoman was a total bust the oscar winning actress whooped ass in die another day and the expendabelles needs a bond girl and halle has broken the bond girl curse remaining a top a lister

Theres your heroines now on to villains and henchwomen

Kathleen kinmont

Along with her performance as cheyenne phillips in the hit show renegade and

Cia codename alexa and cia 2 target alexa time for her to play a villain for a change

Katee sackhoff

Along with battlestar galactica as starbuck and her current role as deputy vic moretti

In the hit show longmire she can play both good and evil characters like in the power rangers fan film for


Gabrielle anwar

For her badass performance in burn notice alone makes her over qualified for the expendables

Franchise the ultimate anti heroine

Maggie q

The star of the cw show nikita along with mission impossible 3 and live free or die hard

Makes her no stranger to action films or tv shows whether playing a heroine or villain

Zoe saldana

For performance in colombiana and guardians of the galaxy she can play the badass on the good team

Never seen her play a villain


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