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The third time could be the charm for Mads Mikkelsen becoming a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Wrap is reporting that the Hannibal actor is being heavily courted by Marvel to sign on for a villainous role in the upcoming Doctor Strange.

Again, this isn't the first time that Mikkelsen has danced around taking a role with Marvel. Before Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Doctor Stephen Strange, Mikkelsen was one of the actors heavily rumored to having been eyeballed for the part. Likewise, Mikkelsen was set to play Malekith in [Thor: The Dark World](tag:206462) but had to drop out of the project when he landed the role in Hannibal, leaving the door open for Christopher Eccleston to step into the vacated role.

But now that Hannibal is cancelled, Marvel is being quick to snap Mikkelsen up, and why shouldn't they? He's a fantastic actor and Marvel has been making some very smart choices lately in their casting.

While the rumor going around the internet (or at least, fan preference) that Mikkelson is being eyeballed to play Dormammu - and that would indeed by a very cool role to see come to life - I am hoping to see Mikkelsen tackle playing Satan-like supervillain Mephisto. He's always been an interesting character and it would, after all, fit right in with Derrickson's horror background and the dark, borderline horror tone that Doctor Strange reportedly is striking.

What do you think? Let me hear your thoughts in the comments.

Doctor Strange will be in theaters on November 4, 2016.


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