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Ever since I saw Avengers, I was hooked!
Christian LeBeau Cousineau

I assume anybody reading this has already read the original fan casting, but here are my thoughts on it. There are some things that I agreed with and others, not so much. Here's my list:

Korra: Zendaya Coleman

I have no problems with this casting choice. She looks the part, but not knowing any of her work myself, I cannot fully say that she could act the part. Time will tell.

Mako: Logan Lerman

Again. This is a really good choice. He did a good Percy, even though the material was crap. I can definetly see this.

Bolin: Dylan O'Brian

I'm not really sure about this... But, I can't think of anyone else, other than, maybe Josh Hutcherson, but I can't really see him either. Urgh! You decide.

Asami Sato: Megan Fox

Take a look at who I think should be Asami. She would be perfect!

Lin Beifong: Ming-Na Wen

With all the badbuttery she unleashes on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.", I can think of no one better to play our metal-bending foul-tempered chief of police.

Amon: Benedict Cumberbatch

I love Ben Cumberbatch, but, I'm sorry, Master Tenzin, he is not. I think he would fair much better as the villain, Amon.

Master Tenzin: Bryan Cranston

I think that the actor who played Walter White in the AMC drama "Breaking Bad" would be a very good Tenzin, right down to the beard and bald head!

Adult Aang: Elijah Wood

I think he would be the perfect Adult Aang!

Joss Whedon To Direct

You fans really hit the nail on the head with this Director pick. He has done a phenomenal job on The Avengers movies, and I am confident that he would bring a very unique vision to this great story! J.J. Abrams, or Christopher Nolan are also exceptional choices.


Who would you like to see at the helm of such a monumental motion picture?


What do you think of the changes I've made to the original list? Let me know!


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