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I have decided to review all of the Marvel movies before the new Captain America: Civil War movie is released in Theaters.

Thor is what I would call a good movie , it carries Chris Hemsworth as Thor , Tom Hiddleston as Loki which now is iconic . and The story is very, very interesting as Thor the young prince of Asgard is wanting to be king but doesn't see his flaws only his strength and powers.

Which I believe develops the character of Thor in a good way it shows that he has to learn before becoming something greater than just a loud mouth who thinks he can do anything he wants. Like a child who doesn't know any better . But Odin played by Anthony Hopkins thinks Thor should know better and sentences Thor to the human world were he will learn his reasons.

I thought the performance Hemsworth throws at us was the way i wanted the character to be and in the full film shows it perfectly, as well as the character of Loki the god of Mischief, who has a troublesome past with his race which i thought when hit was very compelling.

As I said in my Iron man 3 and 2 review, revenge stories are not to good unless handled right . Loki is held with sadness and revenge but it is handled in a way to were its unique unlike the Iron man movies. besides Loki is a marvelous, Interesting and fun villain that you understand his reasoning a lot more because they explain it better with Hiddlestons performance.

Is this the greatest marvel movie ..... "no" by all means but its a very nicely handled property and film for the MCU. And I enjoy watching it from time to time. The action is handled nicely though their was more talking than action in the film it was a more compelling marvel movie overall. With likable characters.


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