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James Gustav Nicholson

Nightwing has been my favorite hero ever since season 2 of Young Justice premiered on Cartoon Network. Nightwing is smart, funny, strong, charismatic, the ladies love him, and guys like me want to be him. (You know, without the dead parents, raised in a circus, and taken in by a billionaire with hero syndrome (thanks MatPat)) But enough about how cool Nightwing is, here's my evidence. Batman has a dead Robin. (Likely Jason Todd) Logically, this means that Dick already became Nightwing, unless they are screwing up the timeline. The only hole, is that Dick and Superman knew each other before he became Nightwing. Now, they could also say that in this universe, Nightwing got his name somewhere else, or Dick and Superman met another time. After all, this movie couldn't have happened right after Man of Steel, could it? Batman is too old, considering that Superman was introduced before him. Dick could have also met Clark Kent during his tenure as Robin, and made the connection once Superman appeared. (I mean, come on, his disguise is terrible. Against a detective prodigy like Dick or Tim, there is no way it could possibly stand up.) Also, having Nightwing could open the doors to a Titans movie, a Nightwing movie, or a Bat family movie. Plus, if Jena Malone is Barbara, then we have the greatest couple in comics, kicking butt and making puns! Tell me what you think, and if you also hope that Nightwing will appear in Batman v Superman.


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