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My Mission: Infiltrate Freiza Planet 79.

Rumor has it that the space tyrant known as Frieza has been revived using what Earthlings call "Dragonballs" about three(3) months ago. Rumors also state that he has chosen Frieza Planet 79 as his personal training ground to bolster his fighting power so that he can satisfy his need for revenge on an earthing known as "Goku" and another unknown assailant. Your mission should you chose to accept it is to infiltrate Freiza Planet 79 undetected and obtain hard evidence that Frieza has actually been revived to confirm the rumors. If rumors prove to be true first be advised to "AVOID ANY FORM OF CONTACT". He is known to kill even his most loyal of soldiers unprovoked or simply on a whim. Second please report to Jaco as he has personal ties to those associated to the Earthing known as "Goku". On an Unofficial note the reason we ask you to take on the very dangerous mission is due to the fact that if Frieza actually has been brought back to life The Galactic Patrol neither has the resources or close to the man power to stop this tyrant. His army was all but defeated up to this point. His revival ruins any plan the Galactic Patrol had to restore order to the galaxy. The galaxy's only hope is to warn the only man to have defeated this monster. By giving them a warning that he actually has come back may give them a better fighting chance. Good Luck and God Speed.

The Three Abilities I Need to Succeed

1. Infiltration Skills (Solid Snake: Metalgear Solid)

Yes I might be able to get away with just putting on the uniform that all of Friezas soldiers wear snapping a quick pic then high tail it out of there, But lets assume that things are a little more complicated than that. I need not only the skill of Solid Snake but his years of experience in espionage. What I really need to do is get in and get out without being detected. Not only does he have the skill to do so he can hold his own in hand to hand combat and with that being said.

2. Fighting Strength (Tien Shinhan: Dragonball z)

Again yes it would be a lot easier to just say "strong as goku" and kill him on the spot before he trains, but again in order to make things more interesting I'm picking Tien. That being said Tien is anything but weak. If I'm being honest Tien is easily the strongest human on Earth. Not only that his fighting skills are either on par with Goku and Vegeta or just shy of theirs. So if things get bad and I need to fight my way out of most situation. But if the shit really hit the fan and I come face to face with Frieza my third skill will insure my mission will be complete which is.......

3. Teleportation skill (Castiel: Supernatural)

Like I said earlier this skill is for when everything goes wrong and I need to just get the hell out of dodge. His teleportation skill is absolute. By which I mean that on a given whim I can be two inches from Frieza and in instant I could be on the other side of the universe. Again I know I could just Teleport to Frieza take the pic then teleport back, so I'm placing a limit on it to once every 24 hours to keep thing more tense.


Next time on Dragonball Z.......


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