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Ok, so has anyone seen the new teaser trailer for Jurassic World 2? From what i could get, it seems to me that they brought the dino's to LA and it somehow "doesn't fail". There is also a little cameo from Sam Neill (previously as Dr. Allen Grant in the Original JP) and he looks somewhat terrified. Not really by the dinosaurs but more like , if you can say, the people that might have created them and brought them to America. (We all know how that went in TLW)

So, my theory is that Dr. Wu (who left JW safely with "the deal still intact" with InGen) made dinosaurs who were genetically modified for modern warfare. We all know how bad Hoskins wanted to exploit the dino's for "evil purposes". In theory, Dr. Wu still makes the GMO's, comes up with his own park, has more money than he can handle, then just drops JW altogether. Then it gets run by InGen and they fall into chaos, thus having the dinosaurs escape and having a war against the GMO's and basically the ruin of a great city (insert clip from trailer here).

How does Dr. Grant get into this? Glad you asked. My theory is that him, Owen, and Claire try to stop the nonsense before the ultimate fall of America. Since Owen was in the Navy, he maybe calls up some of his buddies and they build their own team of "Dino Hunters". Him and Blue team up one last time, and they kill off the monsters.

Who can we expect to be in JW2? If you have been keeping up with JW news, you'd already know that Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard have already confirmed their return. Since Sam Neill is in the teaser, we can only agree that he will come out in the movie. Jeff Goldblum had reportedly wanted to be in JW (did you see his mini cameos in JW? God Creates Dinosaurs) so we can only hope for him to be in it. Since we need so much more answers, lets pray that B.D. Wong is in there for more genetic-engineering action. I can't be the only one wanting Joseph and Ariana (Tim and Lex Murphy) in remembrance of their on-screen grandfather. I'm pretty sure "Big Tim" can relate to Gray (Ty Simpkins) as they are/were big dinosaur enthusiasts.

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What do you think of my JW2 theory?


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