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[Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) is scheduled to come out on March 25th, 2016 and is one of the biggest movies coming out next year. But man I have to tell you this movie hype is almost at it breaking point since the recent trailer that blew everyone's minds last month. I mean the people who are bashing this movie are even looking forward to it, to bash on it of course. But is Batman v Superman the most anticipated superhero flick of all time? Down below are the reasons why it is.

Countless rumors, theories, spoilers and speculation

Batman v Superman has been victim to countless possible spoilers, theories on how the film will play out, plot leaks and debate. When the last time you saw a movie this anticipated that everyone is constantly trying to get bits and pieces of the movie before it even arrives in theaters. The only I can think of is the upcoming Star Wars movie right now but even I don't think the movie has fell victim to this kind of exposure. I mean right now as we speak someone coming up with a theory, going from who the villain, the winner between Batman and Superman and how will the film end will we any character deaths? This movie is so anticipated that constantly almost every day we are getting new updates on possible plot spoilers and such.

Cinematic History

For the first time ever, Batman and Superman will be in the same movie on the big screen. That right there ladies and gentleman is cinematic history as we have never gotten these two icons on the same screen before in live-action. We have constantly gotten them pair together in video games, animated movies and comic books, but never in a live-action setting in theaters. Fans have been waiting for this their entire life and on March 25th, 2016 that dream will become a reality.

The Hype is Real...

The video above will say everything that needs to be say about this film. I mean when the last time you saw a movie trailer get people this amped and excited for a superhero flick. There were some people crying tears of joy because of how epic this film looked. Batman v. Superman Dawn of Justice has gotten fans anticipation blowing through the roof. This dates back to when the movie was first announced in 2013 at Comic-Con, when we saw the two logos intertwine on the big screen and fans were losing there minds when they saw the bat logo. Can you even imagine when the film is near it release date in 2016? Lord have mercy.


Batman v Superman has an incredible amount of pressure to live up to expectations and hype. The whole DC Extended Universe depends on this film as it will lay the entire foundation for the DC movie-verse. Many people are saying this movie could be the best superhero flick of all time if done right or could fall flat on it face and destroy the plans for the DC movie foundation. Some people want this movie to fail while some others want it to succeed and with that loads of pressure on it, one can assume it might fail because it probably won't live to expectations but from what've seen I think it will deliver in epic fashion. Who knows if it will succeed or fail but on March 25th, 2016 the world will stop and we will just have to see for ourselves.

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Is Batman v. Superman the most anticipated superhero movie of all time?


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