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It’s good to be alive at this era. Yes, there is global warming and political conflicts but hey, we sure have some good things. I’m not glorifying the influence of technology on our generation but still, it provides a deluge of opportunities that were impossible in the past. Besides some nasty dead ends, The Internet provides a myriad of areas to work with. One of them is online blogging, which evolved to a promising level. Moviepilot is an initiative that provides a platform for those who are interested in sharing their ideas through entertaining articles. Sure, there are a number of similar sites that do the same thing. But what makes Moviepilot different from the others? Let’s take a look at my observations, now shall we?

Pulp Fiction of Fan Sites

Are you interested in movies? Is writing a passion for you? Would you like to share your opinion about something that is related to movies? Well, hop in to Moviepilot and just write about it. You don’t have to be a qualified writer to do so. You just need the desire to be one, because at Moviepilot, there are no rules that will restrict you from sharing your ideas. With a collection of a number of movie-related titles, Moviepilot acts as a hub for writers and artists to perform their skills in an environment that provides you absolute freedom over your material. Whether they are your opinion or fan art, Moviepilot is ready to distribute them among millions of fans world-wide.

Like-Minded Community

It’s always a pleasure to be discovered for your talents, and not everyone has the opportunity to have such a moment. On Moviepilot, there is a chance every film-buff fights for. There is a chance to be recognized as a writer and a true fan, to find new friends and to be part of a movement that could inspire a generation. It’s a community that connects like-minded individuals, those with a single interest like film, and it’s a perfect medium to share ideas.

Always There to Help

It’s not just creators that hold Moviepilot together. It has a strong management team that works on various elements of the community. The one-month program MPU, which is why I’m writing this article, was a brilliant initiative which provided me certain insights on creating articles. Thanks to the community managers, who help at every single phase of our writing, Moviepilot stands out as a great community to work with. The ones who work behind the scenes are men and women like us, and their efforts are worthy of these accolades.

Moviepilot Perks

An opportunity to write about movies is itself a perk, but that’s not it. Writing for Moviepilot is not a job but a pleasure, and the awesome gifts they sent us are precious considering how much they value for an individual who loves movies. It’s priceless to have a Jon Snow pop action figure at your house, even though your sister calls it a toy.

Do What You Love

A wise man once said, find what you love to do and do it for the rest of your life. To find something we are so passionate about is an easy task, but live a life around our passion is a tough one. As a film enthusiast and a wannabe writer, Moviepilot provides me opportunities that I never had before, and it’s an obligation for me to utilize it. If you are interested in movies and writing and if you are looking for a platform, go ahead and give it a try. In my personal experience, Moviepilot is an ideal place for a film-buff to hangout.


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