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After Fear the Walking Dead premiered last Sunday with record numbers, it's only natural for people to have quite a bit to say about it. There are some people who believe that the pilot episode was sub par compared to The Walking Dead since it had only two walkers in total (or for other reasons). Others know that the outbreak only just began in L.A. so it's only natural that there are minimal walkers shuffling about ready to infect others.

Naturally, there are already plenty of fan theories out there as to why the breakout happened, when it happened, how it happened, and what will happen. Now, originally, I wasn't going to hop onto this bandwagon of excitement and speculation because all I had going for me was a concept, only slightly more profound than a thought and far less concrete than an idea. But then I ready Ly Velez's article and theory based on HitFix's article on when exactly the outbreak started (reading her article first will help you understand my article that much better).

Like Ly, I agree that though the tech points to the outbreak beginning in 2012, it's far more likely that the outbreak began in the east in 2010 (with The Walking Dead) and only reached L.A. and the west coast in 2012. And because of that agreement, my concept evolved into an idea and now an article. And it all has to do with the flu.

Anyone who knows anything about this show knows that the flu shot has something to do with the show. Since the first teaser, it was pretty clear that the flu shot was important. It was also adamantly clear that the powers that be - the government, the military, high school principals, radio talk show hosts - want the general public to remain calm. They also really want them to get their flu shots, more so now than ever.

Evidence you want? Well, you're in luck! I've got two videos right here that are more than enough evidence for you!

Exhibit A: The first teaser for Fear the Walking Dead:


Do you notice how calmly he says "... [Reports] in five states of a strange virus going around..."? Yeah, me too. This was a little unnerving because he's so calm and we all know that in actuality, this "strange virus" is the disease, virus, microbe, or whatever, that causes walkers.

Exhibit B: A teaser released specifically about the flu shot:


We definitely know that the flu shot won't do any good against the walkers (or the infected as this show will call the zombies). We also know that this ain't no common cold that is causing people in five other states to die suddenly, and then come back to life, and then kill people, and then have them come back to life.

So now that we've gathered our evidence...

Let's talk about why the flu shot might be more than just a flu shot.

According to Ly's theory, the government was aware of the outbreak going on in Georgia and other parts of the county. As we've seen in The Walking Dead itself, the military at once did have a substantial presence in Georgia. They bombed streets in Atlanta (near Grady Memorial Hospital), they had working helicopters during Season 3, they had several military trucks (one that the Governor took by force after killing all the soldiers who manned it), and they did a decent enough job trying to contain the outbreak considering they didn't even know how to kill the walkers when the outbreak began or how people became walkers.

After the walkers took over Georgia, the surviving military moved to neighboring states keeping the walkers contained and working on protecting other civilians. Their efforts were successful enough to keep the walkers off the west coast for two years. Not only that, but even with social media, they were able to keep the gist of the outbreak under wraps, seeing how the high schoolers never heard of any of it before the pilot episode.

When the students do hear of it, it has been two years since the outbreak. That's two years where several large cities were left unharmed and thriving, in fact. The only people, outside of the military, mildly concerned by what's going on elsewhere are the kids who spend way too much time online (so everyone who has found a reason to come to this sight). Everyone else feels confident because they got their flu shot. And I'm pretty sure the government and military is pretty confident as well because...

The flu shot was intended to be a walker vaccine

Of course this is kept on the down low, because if the general public found out they were being given an experimental vaccine that may or may not stop a deadly virus, microbe, disease, or whatever that is ravaging five (confirmed) states around the country.

So the vaccine that is being administered has the disease that turns people into walkers. And now everyone in L.A. has been given this vaccine, and if they haven't, they're surrounded by people who now have the disease pumping through their veins and being breathed into the air around them. The walker disease would've eventually made its way over to L.A. on its own, but the flu shot was used as a hopeful barrier to make a safe haven away from the walkers, a way to keep some part of humanity alive. Instead, it acted as an accelerant.

Since Rick realized that we all have the walker virus, microbe, disease or whatever in us, that means whatever it is that causes walkers is airborne. And now that the vaccine has been given to any and all willing recipients in L.A. the entire city is a powder keg just waiting for someone to die. Once they do, a chain reaction begins that destroys another large city in the country, crippling the military, and delivering one more blow to the government.

Instead of an old person dying of old age or sickness, it is Nick's junkie friend, Gloria.

However she died doesn't really matter, but she killed two other people in that church. This caused Nick to run out into traffic and get hit by the car. Thus leading to Nick killing Calvin, his dealer, turning him into a walker as well.

And that's just from one girl dying. The car accident on the highway that killed one of the passengers, got an EMT infected, but also showed all of our characters how to kill the walkers. Or should I say the infected.

If you have yet to hear, the characters of Fear will call the zombies infected as opposed to walkers. This furthers the belief that this outbreak is nothing more than a simple disease that they might be able to fix. Thus amplifying the military and government's thinking that a vaccine might work (though we know it doesn't). It won't be until after it's revealed that a vaccine was already created and it was the vaccine that caused the outbreak in L.A. that our characters will give up hope for a cure and kill every walker/infected on sight.


Okay, so maybe this is far fetched and I'm overlooking something that is minimally important at best. But I really think this is possible and quite possibly the plot of Fear. But I'll let you decide.



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