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Disney recently released a DVD containing all sorts of their animated shorts, including Frozen Fever, Lorenzo, Paperman, Tangled Ever After, and, my personal favorite, [Feast](tag:3511683). Though it is short, Feast tells a beautiful story and brings out so many emotions you never even knew you had.

It tells the story of a dog who is adopted and is fed like crazy. But when his owner starts dating a new woman, his food supply goes down. The dog's hunger is once again satisfied when the couple breaks up, but the dog soon realizes that his love of food is nothing compared to the love his owner had lost.

It is a very inspiring story that touches the hearts of its viewers and gets me crying almost every time. Okay, who am I kidding with "almost?" It gets me crying every single time. No wonder it won the Oscar for Best Animated Short. Here are seven powerful emotions that [Disney](tag:2273206)'s Feast brings out every time we watch it.

1. Pity

The short opens with the dog living alone on the streets. He lives off of crumbs and anything left on wrappers. It is very pitiable and it automatically stirs our emotions, making us feel sad for this poor, whimpering pup.

2. Amusement

After he is adopted, we start to find ourselves smiling and laughing as the dog, now named Winston, finds the joy of food and, well, feasting. His excitement to eat is amusing and a lot of fun to watch, especially once he starts trying new foods outside of regular dog food, like bacon, nachos and spaghetti. His different reactions are adorable and extremely amusing.

3. Sadness

Then, Winston's owner begins dating the unnamed woman. We start to see Winston's diet go from whatever the owner was eating down to the typical dog food. Winston becomes sad, and we feel sad with him. He had an amazing life before the woman showed up, and now, to him, everything is ruined. As he stands in the shadows gazing sadly down at his bowl of food, we can't help but feel sad for the dog and a little angry with the owner who seems perfectly fine.

4. Relief

Then comes that moment we all thought we were waiting for: the breakup of the couple. With the unnamed woman out of the way, it looks as though Winston and his owner can go back to their normal lives. We see Winston return to his unhealthy, yet delicious, diet and for a brief moment we are happy with the story again.

5. Devastation

But then we see the owner and our sense of relief disappears in seconds. We realize, just as quickly as Winston does, that the dog's love of food is not nearly as powerful as the owner's love for the woman who left him. We feel devastated and, much like Winston, guilty for rooting against the woman who meant so much to the man who rescued Winston in the first place.

6. Joy

When Winston brings the couple back together, we feel not just amusement, but pure joy. An undying smile reaches our faces because the couple is finally together again. They are married, they are happy and, because of that, we are happy. We are also happy when we see that, though Winston cannot return to his old diet, he is content living with a regular bowl of dog food if it means his owner can be happy.

7. Satisfaction

Then comes my favorite part of the short. We see a small meatball roll over to Winston, which had been dropped by the newborn child of the couple. It is in that moment that we realize the sacrifices of Winston (that we somehow feel credited for) paid off by creating new life. We are satisfied with the sacrifices made in the film and, in the final seconds, realize that all of their lives are finally perfect.

If you have not seen Feast yet, you can view it below, or you can purchase the full HD version along with all of the others in the Walt Disney Animated Short Films Collection here. I highly recommend you watch it and experience these emotions for yourselves. It's an amazing short film that I am very impressed with.



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