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Upon taking the quiz supplied by MoviePilot I have been given the task of rescuing Princess Peach from Bowser! Although it wasn't any mission I was expecting, I still aim to attempt to make the best out of this. I'm rusty with my story telling, so bare with me!

My Mission: Rescue Princess Peach From Bowsers' Castle!

Even good guys get sick. Thus was the case with Mario and his brother Luigi. It really sucks how they both caught the flu at the same time. And low and behold, Bowser grasps the opportunity! Princess Peach has been kidnapped, once again, and been taken away back to his castle Surprise, surprise. Mario and Luigi are out sick though. WHOSE GOING TO RESCUE THE PRINCESS?!

Who they gonna call? They called me!

Ability #1: Athleticism (Nathan Drake)

I have the situation well in hand...
I have the situation well in hand...

Traversing Bowsers' home is no easy task by any means. Mario knew that better than anyone. But given he wanted me to enter the castle for him, he filled me in on everything I needed to know. Enemies, traps, other obstacles, and of course Mr. Bad Attitude himself, Bowser.

According to Mario, Bowsers' grunts are no trouble at all. One good bop on the head, and poof problems gone. My free-running abilities, which are comparable to that of Nathan Drake, should give me quite the edge in putting the boot to their heads as well as dodging and overcoming almost all traps that lye between me and Princess Peach. That especially goes for the Thwomps and Whomps he hated so much. They may have been slow, but they were still a thorn in ones side according to him.

Ability #2: Saiyan Strength (Goku)

Goku vs. Vegeta
Goku vs. Vegeta

Mario also warned me that the Thwomps and Whomps as well as the giant pillars that come down at random times could crush me flat if they managed to land on me. But those won't be an issue for me. I once had an arm wrestling match with Goku, and it was declared a draw. If if they landed on me, I could keep myself from being crushed easily. At first it seemed like this whole thing was just a walk in the park for someone like me, not worried in the slightest about anything that is in the castle.

Ability #3: Fire Friendliness (Aldrich Killian)

Come on baby, Light My Fire
Come on baby, Light My Fire

The only other issue he claimed I would have getting to Bowser and his children, were the lava traps. Those traps included pits with jumping fireballs as well as these rotating pillars that are scattered all through the halls of the castle. But luckily for me, I'm impervious to all degrees of heat and fire. Not too long ago we were able to determine how the self proclaimed 'Mandarin' was able to become a walking nuke.

With every trap and minor baddie accounted for, all that stands between me and Princess Peach is Bowser and his kids. Odds, I'd imagine his children will all be waiting to attack me all at once. And sadly, he has a LOT of kids. Not that I'm worried, with my superior athleticism handling them wouldn't be a problem. It'd just be very annoying. Especially Bowser Jr....he just never shuts up....

Thus brings me to the world's biggest grouch, Bowser! Mario went on and on about how I needed to watch out for him and always stay on my toes. But I'm not even worried in the slightest. He breaths fire, which won't even phase me being impervious to it. He's 10 times my size, which doesn't give him that much of an edge because of my super level strength. He can jump very high and land directly on me, which I can dodge easily with my superior athleticism.

This is going to be a piece of cake!



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