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deaf Transgender girl. Real Life version of Korra, virtual cosplayer and big time gamer. Creator of uBSN, Saturn News and many more.
Cassandra Saturn

Finally... after three years of being down for updates and repairs, the Legend of Korra: Live Action Series website is officially now back up! it took long time to finish it, but it's good to be back!

Here's what you don't know: Legend of Korra: Live Action Series is actually a fan-made LoK series that will air on Youtube in 2016-2017 and will explore the events based on the animated series. Here's the catch: the series will continue on, not using the three year gap and will showcase how Korrasami happened.

this is from the website here: "Live action series of LoK Fan website was made by Cassandra Saturn, the creator behind LaS of LoK (Fan-made) which will play and match the animated series. from beginning of animated series to continuation of the Series which will explain how Korrasami happened in the comic books. the series will air on Youtube channel only. but it might be available on DvD/Blu-ray combo in near future."

So who is Cassandra Saturn? Cassandra Saturn is the real life version of Korra, (she shares similar features of Korra) she plays LoK and other games on her Steam account RealKorra. She is also big time gamer and huge fan of LoK. Future cosplayer as well, and the owner of this post. if you have questions to ask me, please feel free to do so.


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