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Chapter 1: Annie

"Help!" I cry out, no one answers. No one's answered for the past who knows how long I've been out here. "Help! Please, help!"

I can't swim. I can feel myself slowly drowning, another wave comes and instead of holding my breath I try to fight going under again. The wave knocks me onto my back and pushes me under the water.

Way to go, Annie. . .

I suddenly feel myself drift off, the feeling you get right before you fall asleep. I think I'm dead. . . Am I?

But if I'm dying, I'm not dead yet. The waves continue to drown and torment me with their powerful strength and I give up. Because I'm left with none.


I feel my chest being pressed on and someone blowing air into my mouth.

CPR. I think.

I slowly feel myself come back to life, being under water and thrown around by waves for so long makes you forget how could breathing and fresh air feels.

All around my arms and legs I feel. . . Dirt. In between my toes and fingers, it's soft but kinda itchy.

As I fill my lungs with more and more air, I allow myself to open my eyes.

I look up and see a boy. But he's not just any boy. His hair is blonde and curly and light colored. His eyes are. . . Green. But not just plain green like grass or trees but green like the sea. I'd know, I was drowning in it two minutes ago. His skin is tan and his arms are strong.

I look down and see the dirt is blonde. It's fluffy and rough and grainy and I kinda like it. . . It's different. Just like this boy who saved me for some reason.

He looks down at me, probably waiting for me to do or say something.

In my attempt to get out from underneath him, I sit up at the wrong time and hit my head against his.

"Ouch," He grumbles.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I say, embarrassed. "I'm kinda a klutz."

"Don't worry about it," He says as he stares into my eyes, his shimmering just a little.

"Thanks for. . . Helping me." I manage to get out of my lips but I can't help but think about how his just gave me my oxygen back. "You saved my life. . ."

"Don't sweat it. So. . .You obviously can't be from here. When you're from Four you're kinda born a natural swimmer." He says, waiting patiently for me to respond.

"I'm from Six, actually," I tell him, feeling a small pain of anger in my chest. "Aren't you gonna rad me out to the peacekeepers, now?"

I mean, I assume that's what he'd do.

"Why would I do that?" He asks, with a genuine curiosity in his voice.

"Why wouldn't you do that?" I challenge, looking at him a little angrily. I feel like he's going to and he's just trying to tease me or push my buttons.

"Wow. Do the other districts hate us as much as people say?" He questions, amused and gives a small chuckle.

"Well. . .You are the Capitol's lapdogs," I retort.

I expect something thrown back at me but instead his previous cocky expression becomes something else. And he looks. . .Guilty.

He shakes off the look and it somewhat changes back, "Aren't you nice to the people who save your life?"

He stands up and starts to walk away, leaving me alone in this blonde dirt.

"Wait-" I interrupt.

He looks back at me, waiting.

"I'm sorry, okay?"

He folds his arms in front of his chest, grinning like he just won a trophy even though he already knew he'd win.

"It's just. . . It's hard for us back in Six. And it's really unfair how we're treated and most of you have it pretty easy." I explain, he walks closer and slumps back down next to me.

"It's not perfect here, you know? We still have something called The Reaping and the Capitol wouldn't like us very much if we don't meet our quota for fishing," He tells me.

"I said I was sorry. I think we got off on the wrong foot, could we. . . Try to get to know each other better?" I ask.

Why am I fighting for him to stay?

I guess it's because I'm desperate. I have no one here in this district and for the time being he's the closest thing I'll have to a friend. Or someone to help me until I can figure it out for myself.

"My name's Finnick," He offers a smile that's not one of his stupid grins or smirks.

"Annie," I say, putting my hand out for him to shake.

He takes my hand and shakes it before saying, "Annie. . . I like that name."


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