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Last season of American Horror Story revealed to us how Freak Show (Season 4) was connected two Asylum (Season 2). It was also revealed that the latest season of American Horror Story will be somehow connected to Murder House (Season 1). Although, I personally don't believe Murder House will be the only Hotel connection this upcoming season.

I have a theory that Hotel could very well end up having a connection to American Horror Story's third season, Coven. How?

The Cortez Hotel

The upcoming season, Hotel, will be set in the present with a number of flashbacks. What if we were to see a certain witch bitch make an appearance at The Cortez Hotel.... but who?

Madison Montgomery

Former child star Madison Montgomery found herself capable of moving objects with her mind before becoming apart of the Coven. She loves attention and can be viewed as a bit of a narcissist. So could this witchy woman make an appearance in Hotel?

Although actress Emma Roberts (who portrayed Madison in Coven) has been busy shooting Ryan Murphy's upcoming FOX horror/comedy Scream Queens, she will be doing only a few episodes of Horror Story due to her busy schedule. As you might have already noticed, Roberts' character is the only character without a name announcement so far. Could producers be intentionally keeping it from us?


Do You Think Madison Montgomery will be making in appearance in 'Hotel'?


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