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You've probably seen this magical mashup of Disney songs and '90s jam...

Well, who hasn't? Todrick Hall, along with Shoshana Bean, get on a new take in covering songs from Disney's greatest animated films, "The Little Mermaid", "The Lion King", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Aladdin".

You think that's enchanting? Well, '90s Disney isn't the only Disney medley he's done. Check out these videos:

1. "Evolution of Disney", from 1937 to 2014, all the greatest hits from the greatest Disney films and TV shows are mashed into one medley.

Simply. Perfect. I'm feeling all the feels from all these Disney films and TV shows! Please tell me I'm not the only one who's replayed it so many times (and memorized the lyrics and gestures).

Who would've thought that mashing High School Musical's "We're All in this Together" with the theme songs from Disney Channel's all time favorite teen shows would sound so perfect and nostalgic?

2. "Disney Dudez", Disney Princes forming a boy band? Yes please!

You have to admit, Disney princes do have all the qualities boy bands do: the looks, the charm, the inexplicably beautiful singing voice...

Todrick along with IM5 create a teen romcom musical starring Disney Princes. What better idea could there possibly be, other than grouping them together and letting their star shine as a charming boy band?

They even made a solution when a member left the band. What do you think, One Direction?

Do you wanna build a boy band? There'll be lots of screaming girls!

It's sad to see Prince Charming go, but hey! Looks like Prince Philip's shining and shimmering in the limelight.

Let's be honest here, aren't boy bands the greatest idea ever (especially if the members are Disney Princes)? No hate.

How can you not love these medleys? Hope we see more of Disney Dudez.

3. And while we're on the course of Disney + Pop music, here's "Mickey Minaj".

Fairy Godmother, can you get your girl a Louis Vuitton?

Cinderella would pretty much love a Louis Vuitton glass slipper. Have you seen this Nicki? Not only is the music arrangement brilliant, the makeup is definitely A+! Very Nicki, very Mickey, very Disney, much wow.

See more of Todrick's videos on his Youtube channel. You can also catch Todrick on his new MTV reality show, "Todrick", premiering on August 31 (Monday) at 10pm.


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