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I have been a avid reader all my life, also love tv series and movie. So suprisingly enough I really enjoy good stories.

Timetravell stories are full of oportunities, they can be romantic(Outlander),or filled with fantasy. They can be based on science fiction elements. There are timetravelling stories full of humor, and there are timetravelling stories that are on the more serious side. You have timetravell books where the timetravell is organised, you have books where the travells in time are random and unpredictable.

There can be people travelling forwards in time, and people travelling backwords in timelines. There are stories where families timetravell together, stories where friends timetravell and others where the timetraveller is by his\her self. You can have timetravell stories where the time is familiar but the people are unkown. Then you have stories where known historical people are involved in the plot (Sheakespeare,) Lastly there are the timetravell stories where the protagonists come to a place and time they know little about (pre historic time,viking era+++).

Dr who is loved by many many people, That is a show strongly based on timetravell.

Recently Outlander has gotten a big audience that is timetravell based(though it is more historical based but that is a lot of YA timetravell books too).

The flash, a recent hit on cw, has some timetravell elements to it.

And last but not least, one of the worlds most beloved movies the Back to the Future triliogy is timetravell based.

That the popculture is so lacking in timetravell movies, or should I say GOOD timetravell movies. Well, that is a great mystery to me.

Old magic by Marianne Curley( translated to at least 7 languages).It is not a story about a girl wanting to find love, it is not a story about a girl making friends. The plot here is that the boy is new in town, not the girl. The girl knows all about magic and the alike, (although she has not timetravelled before the events of the book,) the boy (who is under a family curse) is a non- believer.

Once a witch Carolyn Macollogh(4 languages). This book mixes magic with timetravell. This is a story about family, finding yourself and adventure. Light, with lots of heart. I believe this would be a big hit in the boxoffice.

Revelution Jennifer Donelly(5 languages) Focuses especially on the French revolution, and is a very emotional book.

Dark mirror M.J Putney. This trilogy has a big cast, there is magic as well as timetravell and interesting historical settings.

Hourglass Myra Mcentire(5 languages) A science fiction take on timetravell. Set in present day, with a big cast and unpredictable events. The villain is interesting, it tackles depression, immigration and other aspects of life by using a timetravell plot.

Sage Hannigan by Peggy Martinez. This series is actually described as New Adult. Mostly it reads as a young adult book, but there are some pretty steamy scenes. This series combines all the creatures you can think of, werewolfes, vampires, witches, mermaids, fae etc etc and timetravell. Whats not to love about that?

Steel by Carrie Vaughn. A timetravell standalone with pirates.

All these books I mention are bestsellers, and yet hollywood hasent taken a second look.

Ruby red is the exception, Its a timetravelling trilogy, but the movies are in german and even though the fanbase in worldwide the distrubution is not. Why world, why? Why are you only realised in Germany and Russia and not anywhere else when the books are loved worldwide, whyy?

So, do you guys read timetravelling books? Any of them that you are dying to get adapted?


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