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Wait a tick? This is a movie based website, why we reading a video game article?
Well you clicked it, so I figured you were cool with it. I mean come on, what are the Metal Gear Solid games, but just huge cinematic masterpieces disguised as video games.


Let's get to what you came here for, which is of course seeing if I managed to rank the Metal Gear series from Worst to Best without pissing you off. Well let us see. Also worried about my credibility? Well for one I sadly did not grow up with the series, like many did. But I did play all of them in the last couple years, so I am going to attempt to give a non nostalgic review of this amazing series. Well, let's get on with it shall we?

Decision time!

Below we have a video that will show you the list in all its glory, with beautiful HD gameplay. Otherwise keep on scrolling to see the list in blog form.











Alright you have chosen this path. One thing before we start. No, MGS: V Phantom Pain is not here, because it is not out yet. (May update after I play it.)

Some ground rules

  • Must have "Metal Gear" in the title
  • Must have a story mode
  • No remasters, I will choose the best of the two
  • No cell phone games
  • No card games, I am looking at you Acid
  • Also the protagonist at some point must be a SNAKE (Solid Snake, Naked Snake, Punished Snake). Sorry Metal Gear Rising, but not sorry.

Here we go.

10. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Holy shit this game is amazing! Those graphics are beautiful. The gameplay is masterful. The mechanics are the future. I can go anywhere on this map? Awesome! How long is it? 30 minutes! Swee..... Wait! What?!

This is a demo. An over glorified demo, yet technically it is a full fledged title. Just to clarify this is getting the bottom of the list only because the game is essentially 30 minutes long, and it initially cost $30. Only reason, other than that, this is an amazing game. Moving on.

9. Metal Gear (MSX2)

The original, originally slated to be an unoriginal action game that involved the player shooting a bunch characters like say, ala Contra. Yeah, real Original. (sarcastic) But thanks to the limitations of the MSX 2 the game was reworked to focus more on getting past your enemies than killing every enemy that walked through the door.

What came of it was a smart, near puzzle like, action adventure stealth game. Which has since then sprouted into a franchise that is revered by the whole world. KOJIMA I salute you. (pic of Austin Powers.)

8. Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

What made this game a must own for any fan at the time of release is the fact that it is portable 3D Metal Gear Solid. It had it's own story, which served as a sequel to Metal Gear Solid 3. It had new mechanics that would find their way to the newer games. Missions were no longer linear thanks to a new stage select mechanic, and the game functioned as squad based style game. Where Snake would no longer have to fly solo on missions. Who would he go on these missions with him?Well you could now recruit enemies that you kidnapped. Sweet! Only gripe with this game, is the fact that it was on the PSP, and the single control stick did limit the controls a tad. Other than that though. This is a must play for any fan.

7. Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2)

This game pretty much cranked up the original's gameplay to 11, and followed that up with and engaging story full with a cast of characters which we all feel connected to by the end. Even though they are merely 2D static photos, we can empathize with their plights. While the original paved the way for the gameplay, this one paved the way for the series' iconic storytelling.

6. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Alright I get it. Raiden is a terrible protagonist. He is so whiny. Also really naked cartwheels? How dare Kojima fool us, by not telling us that Snake wouldn't be the main protagonist. Whatever, lets leave all that stuff to the side.

This game is amazing. Nearly every boss battle is memorable. The graphics are beautiful, especially in the HD version. The new fps mechanics were a welcome addition, that made it's way into every metal gear after. The story was actually well done (pretty emotional), and the soundtrack was great. Can we all just settle down and just accept that this game is amazing

5. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

On the PSP this game was great. But when it was released on PS3 for an HD release, lets just say all of thos previous limitations just washed out of our minds. Seriously, there was a PSP version first? Doesn't seem like it.

Taking all of the new features from Portable Ops and refining them, Peace Walker became a masterpiece. Not only that, now you had to worry about building up your new founded mother base. Which meant, more recruiting, and more salvage missions. Also the stakes were much more higher this time around. What we now had here was a stealth based action tower defense real time strategy game, with RPG elements thrown into mix. Usually with other developers this would come out as a convoluted mess, but not Kojima.

4. Metal Gear: Ghost Babel

Yeah, a Gameboy Color game. Level with me.

The only non-canon title of the bunch, this game takes all the games that came before it, throws it into a blender and hits frappe. What you are left with is a perfect game. I am not shitting you. The gameplay of Metal Gear 2 is utilized perfectly. The story mirrors that of Metal Gear Solid 1, in complexity and scope. The controls are basic as hell, but tight. Also this game comes with tons of extra content. VR missions and a multiplayer mode.

Did I mention this game was on Gameboy Color!? Seriously, the only problem one can have with this game is, that it is on the Gameboy Color, but how is that a negative? With its technical limitations, it still provides a full fledged Metal Gear experience. This baby is hands down the best game on the GBC, and deserves to be this high on the list.

3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

So many cutscenes!

But dammit are they good!

First off I just want to throw this out there. I beat this game in one sitting on my first play-through. Yeah that's how amazing this game was. I refused to stop until I was completely done. The amount of customization, the vibrant and beautiful level design. The gameplay was perfect, and my god, the story tied up everything up so neatly. Also hands down the most emotional game I have every played. Seriously I cried at the end of this game. No bullshit.

2. Metal Gear Solid

While Metal Gear may have kick started the series. This turned Metal Gear into a household name. Taking everything that made Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake amazing, and just adding in a third dimension as well as an amazing voice cast, and a phenomenal story, made the game enter a higher state of being. No longer was this a game series, it resonated with us more deeper than that. We now felt like we were in the action. Similar to Mario 64, the series made a perfect jump into 3D. It also stands out as one of the most iconic games of all time. Seriously, before this games weren't really cinematic, but after, every game tried to be cinematic.

Stuff like Psycho Mantis reading our “minds”, is still talked about today.

Hearing David Hayter for the first time, made us care for the hero whose life we now held in our hands.

Everything was on a much more grander scale, and this became a staple in the game industry which every other publisher now had to acknowledge. Also yes the original is better than Twin Snakes. Call it Nostalgia, but I am calling superiority.

1. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Is there any surprise?

Snake Eater is the perfect Metal Gear Solid game. Playing off the whole tone as a 007 film, this game took us from the metallic corridors of a military base, to a harsh jungle setting. Not only was the threat of being caught a tension builder, now we had a whole survival system. Where you now had to worry about Snake's hunger, and internal injuries that you had to care for over time. The immersion was sky high in this game. Which was perfect because the game provided us with an amazing story that defined the whole Metal Gear world, sticking us right in the middle of an alternate Cold War. The plot is amazing. Hell even the very last line of dialogue blew my mind.

MGS3 is how you make sequel. You take everything that made the past titles great, while adding new things that only accentuate its previous mechanics.

It is one my favorite games ever made.


Well, how was it?

How would you rank the series? Comment down below with your list, or your disgust with my choices.

Regardless how you rank them, this is a great game series. It is hard to believe that MGS: V will be the last true Metal Gear game. Hope this series touched your heart like it did for me.

A toast to Hideo Kojima.


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