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From Happy Days to Frasier, sitcoms have been around for decades. Some take off, lasting for an extensive period of time. While others unfortunately end to soon. Out of Practice falls into the latter.

Out of Practice aired on CBS from September 19th 2005 until March 29th 2006, when it was replaced by The New Adventures of Old Christine (for what was supposed to be only a short time) temporarily to try and fix some of the perceived problems it had attracting viewers. After the ratings came in, CBS simply decided to go with the new show rather than try to recover the previous one. The network pulled the plug, and Out of Practice never returned, leaving eight episodes unaired in its network run.

The series centered around the family of marriage counselor Benjamin Barnes (Christopher Gorham) who happens to be the only member in his family who isn't a doctor. Ben's wife left him in the pilot episode and his family tries to help him cope with the change. His family includes his father Stewart (Henry Winkler), a divorced gastroenterologist who is dating bubbly and hilarious Crystal (Jennifer Tilly), his mother Lydia (Stockard Channing), a cardiologist, his brother Oliver (Ty Burrell), a narcissistic plastic surgeon who doesn't believe in settling down, and finally his sister Regina (Paula Marshall), a lesbian E.R. doctor who is focused on her goals of success and the future.

In 2006, it was certainly uncommon to see a lot of lesbian characters in sitcoms. So it was a pleasure seeing Paula Marshall's role as Regina. Regina was a hilarious addition to the show. She was sarcastic, smart, and shares the same interest in attractive women like her brother Oliver. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the series explore more into Regina's quest for motherhood and her love life.

Another interesting cast member was Henry Winkler who is known as a television icon for his role as Fonzie on the classic sitcom Happy Days. He shines in Out of Practice portraying the divorced Stewart. Stewart moved on from his ex-wife Lydia in the series and was in a relationship with his receptionist Crystal (Jennifer Tilly), even though she was the same age as his kids.

The show features an obvious stellar cast, superb writing, and exceptional storylines that will make you want to binge the whole show in one night. Although it might not have lasted on television, you can still check out the complete first and only 22 episode season exclusively on Amazon Prime


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