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Jennifer Aniston is beloved by many stargazers for her unpretentious down-to-earth personality, and despite initial reports that she wore an extravagant dress with a colossal train, it turns out that her wedding dress and veil were typically low-key.

According to an insider who claims to have attended Aniston's big day in Bel Air, the bride sashayed down her garden aisle wearing a knee length white dress she picked straight off the rack, they told US Weekly that:

"Jen bought her dress at a store. It wasn't thousands of dollars."

Aniston reportedly topped her store bought dress with a veil from the popular retailer J. Crew that retailed at around $200 dollars.

Aniston's garden set up for the wedding
Aniston's garden set up for the wedding

As we have already seen from the pictures of Jen's garden that were snapped from above, the wedding set up itself was casual and homey looking, and apparently the ceremony itself was also lighthearted in nature. The insider told US Weekly that:

"Their dogs were the ring bearers!"

It's great to hear reports that even some of the world's most well known celebs like Jen are embracing the idea of intimate, more personal weddings. Now I have reached the grand old age where everyone seems to be getting married, some of the most beautiful ceremonies I've attended have been whipped together on a relatively modest budget and crammed with personal touches to give the day meaning.

Aniston described her wedding as "a beautiful private moment" and from the descriptions, it certainly sounds like this was the case.

(Source: US Weekly and People)


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