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Just because they are wildly successful human beings, blessed with good looks and immeasurable wealth, doesn't mean that they aren't normal people.

And like most normal members of the human race, celebrities also love to indulge in that particular hobby, TV show or series from time to time.

The following 8 A-listers know what it's like to be so obsessed with something that it takes over all their free time.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio & Star Wars

Leo is a HUGE fan of Star Wars. So much so that alongside what seems to be a collection of luxury yachts and Victoria's Secret models, the actor also once owned a meticulously cared for figurine collection of Star Wars characters.

But because he is a wonderful human, he actually bid adieu to the collectibles back in 2006 in order to raise money for his environmental protection charity.

2. Jennifer Lawrence & the Kardashians

I'm so happy about this one, because it totally validates all those weekends in the past that I have spent binge watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Because after all, J-Law is a huge fan of the Kardashians and their family reality TV show too! And the proof is in this Instagram post of her cuddling up to the most famous momager in the world:

3. Vin Diesel & Dungeons and Dragons

Yep, our beloved Vinny D has been playing D&D since the 1970s and he's such a big fan that he's had one of his characters' names, "Melkor," tattooed near his belly button. Watch him geek out and chat about his gaming past (and present!) in the video below:

4. Emma Stone & K-Pop

Emma Stone's obsession with Korean pop music was confirmed when she appeared on a late night show and talked about the "addictive" and "beyond excellent" genre. Here's what she has to say about it, and her favorite band 2NE1:

5. Mila Kunis & World of Warcraft

Mila has been very open about her love of gaming, in particular World of Warcraft. Apparently she's a "really kick-ass mage."

Watch her talk about her love for the game here:

6. Ronda Rousey & Pokemon

Not only is she a badass athlete, but Ronda is also a bonafide geek - she loves Pokemon:

"I got the trading cards first. My first card was a Dragonair. Then, I got the video game on Game Boy Color, and my first one was Pokemon Blue. My first Pokemon was a Charmander, and I was immediately hooked on it. I lost a bunch of weight that summer and I was a small kid cuz I would not stop playing… like I would literally be playing it and I wouldn’t stop, and I would have a stack of graham crackers next to me because I would not get up to eat.

I’ve gotten every single version of every generation of the game. So, when Blue came out, I didn’t just get Blue and wait for Silver. No. I got Blue, I beat Blue. I got Red, I beat Red. I got Yellow, I beat Yellow. And then when Gold and Silver and Platinum came out, I got all of those and beat those. Just the first game that I got alone, that one cartridge had 200 hours on it.

The White, the Black, the X, the Y, the X2, the Y2, Pokemon Stadium, Pokemon Stadium 2, the only ones I didn’t play were like Pokemon Pinball and all that bullsh*t. I did play Pokemon Snap, I got the perfect score in Pokemon Snap. You have to keep hitting Mew… I love Mew. Mew was my favorite. And I didn’t want to hit Mew. But, y’know… for the art… sometimes you just gotta hit a Pokemon."

Ronda, you're an amazing human.

7. Nicholas Cage & Superman

A comic book lover, Nick Cage is particularly a huge fan of Superman. He even named his son Kal-El after the superhero.

8. Megan Fox & Lord of the Rings

Behind that stunning face and hot bod, Megan Fox is also a bit of a geek. She's admitted to loving video games and to also being a massive Lord of the Rings fan. She once said:

"I'm a 'Lord of the Rings' fan. And I'll go on the forums [...] And they'll complain that Frodo is eating the Lembas bread outside of Mordor instead of the in the Mines of Moria. And they get really mad."

Nerd cred has never been hotter.


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