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"Alright, soldier. At ease."

"This is one of the toughest questions you'll ever have to ask yourself - one far harder to answer than whether you'll make a good parent, whether you're truly in love with someone, or even whether you truly know yourself. It could, in short, be the most difficult question you've ever had to answer in your entire life - one that could define both who you are, and who it is that you could become."

"That question?"

"Do You Have What It Takes to Join the Avengers?"

"Well, we'll soon find out. The questions below have been specially designed to determine whether or not you - and you alone - have what it takes to step up to the big leagues, and to join Captain America, Black Widow and the rest of the team in...The Avengers."

"And don't forget - there's only one right answer to each question..."

"You ready?"


10. Loki's attacking your current base of operations, and you're the only one home - what do you do?

"Next up?"


9. You survived Loki's attack, but wound up getting yourself captured. You've been chained to a wall, but you're pretty sure you can still reach that table over there with a radio on it. What now?

"Alright, keep your head up..."


8. You've made it out (with a little help from Hawkeye, as it turns out), but now you're both on the run. What's your next move?

"Alright, you're close to a third of the way through now. Next up?"


7. Before you can make a decision, an explosion rocks the building you're in, and a gang of Chitauri warriors burst through. Hawkeye is hit in the initial barrage, and goes down hard. What do you do?

"Next question?"


6. Before you can make a move, though - Thor's hammer lands smack in the middle of a Chitauri skull, and the Thunder God joins the fray. What role do you initially adopt?

"OK, you're half-way through now. Next up?"


5. Thor managed to deal with the Chitauri quicker than you thought possible, and the two of you find yourself on a Quinjet heading back to base. He asks you about the mission. What do you tell him?

"Alright, next up?"


4. When you land back at base, your team leader asks you for a full appraisal of Hawkeye and Thor's performances. What do you tell them?

"Just a few more to go now..."


3. You're in pretty rough shape after the fight - but Cap and Black Widow are putting together a task force to head after Loki, and they want you to join it. What's your response?

"Next up?"


2. As it turns out, you weren't really being asked - and you end up on a Quinjet crossing the Atlantic. Cap's handing out roles - which do you volunteer for?

"And, finally..."


1. The mission went...poorly, and you're suddenly surrounded by unconscious Avengers, face-to-face with Loki. There's no-one to call, and no way out. What do you do?

"So. It's time to check your answers. How many did you get right?"

"Let's see..."


"Well done - you're clearly born to be an Avenger. Welcome to the team..."


Look, you might not be quite there yet - but don't sweat it, you're not too far off. I mean, look at how far War Machine's come...


"Y'know what? Some people just aren't meant to be Avengers - but that doesn't mean you weren't born to be a hero...

The big question, though?


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