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Zachary Chichwak
...ut what this site is and its function as it pertains to the entertainment industry. This place is designed to be a 'sounding board' of sorts. To enable fans/writers to discuss ideas, opinions, SPECULATIONS and even rumors pertaining to cinematic primojects. You the reason that there is a thousand warnings and antI-liability statement attached to articles. "The opinions and content of this article does not reflect the views or values of so and so." If you need to be told that "before you read this, understand that it's only one man's speculation and does not represent the Warner Brothers company in any way" then i dunno what to tell you. It seems to be understood to everyone else. If you wanna' talk shit be a fucking man and go do it face to face with someone. Pussies like you are like, well...pussies. Running you tired ass mouth from behind the safety of your computer screen. Only a douchebag gets off on that shit. Quit running you mouth and and take yer' stupid arrogant ass back to' punk

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