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Chelsea Handler has never been shy about her body or sexuality, and nowhere is that more clear than her personal Instagram account. The comedian and former late-night host is causing waves with her latest revealing photo, but unlike her typically topless approach to courting controversy, she's left the panties behind this time.

Scroll down for the bizarre photo below, but be warned. While there's no nudity, it's definitely NSFW.

Here's the latest and greatest post that's getting people talking

So, there you have it! A photo utilizing a wholesome apple in a way I'd never thought I'd see. You gotta give her points for creativity.

This certainly isn't Chelsea's first foray into risqué Instagram territory

Back in 2014, Chelsea took a stand beside the Free the Nipple campaign striving to change Instagram's policy that bans women's nipples (but not men's). Her original photo was uncensored, so it was swiftly taken down for violating Instagram's rules and regulations.

She's gotten craftier since then

More recently, she posted this similar photo atop a camel, covering up the allegedly offensive nipples with Israeli flag pasties.

It's unclear if the apple post has a similarly political bent or if she's just having some fun with fruit, but one thing's for sure. Chelsea Handler sure knows how to use a simple social media account to make unsuspecting people clutch their pearls.


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