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Rob Harris

I bet you'll be unsurprised to learn that when actors finish working on a movie, they are sometimes given little gifts as a lovely gestures of thanks from the crew/their fellow co-stars. Y'know, a bottle of expensive champagne or a box of dark chocolates... something like that.

Not when it comes to Cara Delevigne though, it seems.

Taking to Instagram the Suicide Squad actress shared a rather unusual gift - one that she found so hilarious that she just had to share with her millions of followers.

Yep, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you! It seems that the British ex-model was indeed gifted a bottle of hand sanitizer that proudly boasted the label saying "Maybe You Touched Your Genitals." Along the side, someone also wrote "...or someone else's."

How naughty!

I mean, we all know that over the long months of filming the Suicide Squad cast got pretty close, but I had no idea that this escalated to casual genital grabbing.



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