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Proving that they can be a normal family, when the Beckham's holiday'd this year they avoided the celeb hotspots like Barbados, St Tropez or the Maldives, and made straight for Disneyland.

In what Victoria described as a 'magical day', the family seemed to be having the time of their lives whilst hitting the roller coasters and hanging out with some of Disney's hottest stars.

David Beckham apparently became the best daddy on the planet when he succumbed to Harper's requests for him to post with Frozen girls Elsa and Anna.

He certainly wins some father points for getting on this Alice in Wonderland themed ride, that's for sure. So cute!

Capturing the moment, David Beckham takes a selfie with Harper on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

And the fun didn't stop there. Here's another selfie of David with 10 year old Cruz, just before they went on the Toy Story Midway Mania ride.

Although Victoria didn't go on the roller coasters, she was on hand to take snaps of the boys as they hung out with the Disney stars.

Whilst Brooklyn jammed with the Frozen ladies...

Romeo hung out with Chip.

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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