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Stephen Adamson

Stephen Amell had a feud going on with WWE wrestler Stardust far before their meeting at SummerSlam, and there was definitely some ill-will harbored between the two. The Arrow star decided that he would leverage the negativity of their beef for something positive, though. And that he did.

Check out the shirts he was selling leading up to SummerSlam in Brooklyn, New York at Barclays Arena:

A portion of the proceeds went to Emily’s House, a hospice care facility for children. You can buy yours at Amell's Represent webpage. The goal was simple. They were trying to sell 1,000 shirts. Guess how many they sold, though?

15,689 shirts!

That's incredible. Check out the statement that Amell put on his official Facebook page:

"Our campaign for Emily's House in Toronto raised $228,867.60 (USD) in just under 6 days."



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