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Karly Rayner

A genius print designer has smooshed two of my favorite things together to create a hybrid of Pokemon and coffee beans that is guaranteed to make every morning a mega evolution event!

So, be prepared to be overtaken by an irresistible urge to brew them all (alas, you will have to provide your own beans, these are only labels for now) and choose which of the Pokemon below you want on your wake up team.

Pikachu's Morning Spark

Sometimes you could really do with a proper Thundershock to jolt you out of bed in the mornings!

Gengar's Jump Scare

I like my coffee dark, just like my Gengar.

Slowpoke's Decelerate

Because sometimes even the greatest trainer needs to decelerate with a decaf.

Jolteon's Overvolt

Just remember not to overvolt on this blend!

Psyduck's Head Rush

Need to finish 6 articles in 5 hours? Get some headrush down your neck and your fingers will be as swift as your brain!

Koffing's Ozone Roast

Blast yourself into the ozone with Koffing's medium roast.

Porygon's Java Beam

Beam that java right into my mouth, Polygon!

Larpas' Ferry Blend

Sail away into the sunset with the light blend.

Drowzee's Sleep-Inducer

Get suitably drowzee before bed by slurping down a cup of decaf.

Gyrados' Seabeast

I don't know if that Charizard cup will be able to handle this water move without shattering!

Bulbasaur's Bloomblend

If you don't naturally blossom in the mornings, Bulbasaur can help you petal dance out your door with fresh energy!



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