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Now, if there's one thing that years of the internet existing has taught us, it's that Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Iron Man. Make that two, and you can probably throw in the fact that cosplay has a tendency to bring out the creative best in people, and that we love it with a burning passion as a result.

Add in a third, though, and it's most likely that combining anything with something Disney-themed is all-but guaranteed to improve it.

As such, the existence of the cosplay just below is perhaps not all that surprising - but thankfully, that doesn't take away from its fundamental awesomeness in the slightest. Y'see, as it turns out:

Turning Iron Man into a Merman is an Inherently Great Idea

As demonstrated by Aracknoid3 cosplay, whose epic costume recently took the Tampa Bay Comic-Con by storm...

Which...isn't all that surprising at all, really. I mean JUST LOOK AT IT.


The best part? You can see even more of it over at Aracknoid3's Facebook page right here...

What do you reckon, though?

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