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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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So, I found this miniseries from somebody suggesting it to me and I found out that this show was made by the few writers that left adventure time to do their own thing.

This series was short and it had little hints of adventure time here and there but also perhaps some gravity falls(which I'm going to review after season 2 finishes) being thrown in here and there based on the element of mystery of an animation. I think for me this movie was just visually exciting, the characters were there but we never really understand them, and it follows the sort of similar character arc that might be heavily influenced in modern animation works, where the little brother is quirky and the older brother is the stoic, one direction guy.

The plot was quite simple, the two get lost in the woods, and I must admit, it just reminded me of fairy tales being brought back in animation style, especially the kind where you feel the Brothers Grimm is behind, because I just remember the art being done like that, and so for it being compared to book sort of animation style I can understand that because, the artistic stylings of a fairy tale book or a fable to say the least. The adventure is short because the excuse for the adventure is supposed to be short but, I digress, with these short episodes and a short story line, I guess it would make more sense to say that it would be a whole lot simpler.

Moving past that whether this series is really great is open to interpretation. If you like something weird and new and artistically interesting, then this would interest you. And for me, for the most part of it, it does just that.

on the lookout for the way home
on the lookout for the way home

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