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It's getting to be that time again! Back to school! We all know the Hogwarts Express leaves platform 9 3/4 at exactly 11:00 on the First of September so here's everything you'll need to bring to your first day!

Now that we all know tuition is free, so you better make sure to buy the top equipment!

Aren't you excited to go to Flourish and Blotts? If it's anything like muggle school you'll spend your life savings for books you may use twice. But of course you'll buy them anyway. You want to be top of your year!

Everyone has first day of school butterflies so here's just a little inspiration if you're worried about sorting.

Good luck to all the young witches and wizards heading back to Hogwarts this year! Make sure to study hard! You don't have Harry to get your exams cancelled!


Which house would you like to be sorted into?

Source: Everything Harry Potter Tumblr


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