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How about a round of applause for all our awesome new Creators? It's been another great week with lots of unique, badass, creative content. From cool fan art to mind-blowing fan theories, from top lists to kick-ass articles, the following Creators truly deserve some recognition! Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Posts By New Creators This Week!

1. Superheroes - Rude Finger Moments BY Danish Hasan

As Michelle from Full House would say, "How rude!". This hilarious series by new Creator Danish Hasan proves that superheroes and villains are no different from us. They've got emotions too. and they definitely aren't afraid to show them. Beware, some may or may not have some anger management issues.

2. A Death in the Family, and the 5 Batman Novels That Should be Animated Movies BY David Rahimian

With the announcement that Batman: The Killing Joke will soon be available to watch as an animated movie, David Rahimian takes the time to share which other famous adventures from the Dark Knight should be made in the future.

3. A Wrinkle in Time - Should There Be a Second Back to the Future Trilogy? BY Paul Lambert

Have you ever thought to yourself that there just isn’t enough Back To The Future in the world? Well, if the answer to that question is yes, then you wouldn’t be alone. First time poster and brand new Creator Paul Lambert gives a thorough argument for a second trilogy!

4. How a "Beverly Hills Cop 4" Could Work BY Quinton Ridley

Remember the days when every film starring Eddie Murphy was an instant classic? When his stand-up routines and SNL skits would leave us in absolute stitches? Man, those were the days… If you’re as nostalgic as I am about Mr. Murphys’ hilarity then you’ll love this post from new Creator Quinton Ridley. He and I share the same nostalgia for those golden days of comedy, and he thinks that a fourth installment of the legend that is Beverly Hills Cop could actually WORK. I think it goes without saying, we are ALL for this.

5. This Star Trek: Into Darkness Fan Made Poster Is Lovingly Designed and Crafted BY Helen McIvor

Raise your hand if you're a Star Trek fan! If you are then you are, without a doubt, going to love this next piece of fan art. In 2013 new Creator Helen McIvor decided to enter an alternate poster competition for Star Trek Into Darkness and it is safe to say that her awesome entry is definitely worthy of a prize!

6. My Favorite Horror Movies -- In Each Subgenre BY Victor Adame

Whatever floats your horror boat- be it zombies, vampires, werewolves, or good ole-fashioned slashers- this list if bound to give you a killer recommendation for what to watch next. New Creator Victor Adame takes us through his eclectic horror collection, from Hitchcock classics to horror-comedies. There's truly something for everyone!

7. What Are Your Favorite 21st Century Horror Films That Don't Appear on "Best of" Lists? BY Mark Hofmeyer

We horror fans are quite lucky, it seems that there is simply never a shortage of terrifying films for us to sink our teeth in. That being said, a lot of great films do often get overlooked and lost in the shadows. Well, Mark Hofmeyer has taken the liberty to conduct a survey amongst fans, asking them to vote for their favorite horror films of the 21st century that “don’t appear of the best of lists.” Seriously, the fact that some of these films have gotten the cold shoulder is absolutely criminal. But I digress… Did your favorite horror films make the ‘best of’ list?

8. Asian Horror Cinema Reviews: Three... Extremes, Acacia, Sorum BY Geek Girl Geekgasm

If you haven't explored the colorful and crazy world of Japanese horror, frankly, you're missing out! Want to watch a movie about demonic dumplings that hold the key to eternal youth, or a girl who's haunted by visions of carnivals and being buried alive? Of course you do! This excellent post and video can make that wish come true.

9. Did The Avengers: Age of Ultron Hint Towards Iron Man's Bleeding Edge Armor? BY Muhammad Abdullah

Whether you're familiar with Iron Man's bleeding edge armor or not, you should definitely get excited by this fan theory by Muhammad Abdullah. In his usual fashion, could Stark be going further than ever before to equip himself with a kick-ass suit?

10. Was Spider-Man's First Appearance in 'The Winter Soldier'? BY Momio Boonii'zz

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