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At the behest of Jacob Craig, I've decided to divert from my typical Marvel dedication. And who better to jump on the DC bandwagon with then a Batman villain? Much speculation has been happening with the release of the trailer for "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice," specifically surrounding this photo:

Could Robin already be dead?
Could Robin already be dead?

If this is what it seems to be, then Jason Todd could already be an active part of the DCEU. Don't know what I mean? Here's a little history.

Jason Todd was the second Robin, brutally murdered by the Joker. Resurrected, Jason initially turned against his mentor for not putting an end to the Joker after his death, taking on the Clown Prince's former codename: the Red Hood.

In fact, Heroic Hollywood apparently heard from an unnamed source that that is the case and that director Zack Snyder's son Eli will be playing the part in a flashback scene. So, we may even see the murder of Robin and a woebegone Batman mourning the loss of his young protege.

But the larger question in my mind is who will play the Red Hood? While this is still only speculation that Jason Todd will be making his return, what better way to speculate then with a fan-cast? Go to round 2!

Cato vs. The Maze Runner


Alexander Ludwig or Dylan O'Brien?

Red Mist vs. Slytherin


Christopher Mintz-Plasse or Tom Felton

Vampire vs. Prince


Ian Somerhalder or Ben Barnes?

Supernatural vs. Breaking Bad


Jensen Ackles or Aaron Paul?

Prometheus vs. Pretty Boy


Logan Marshall-Green or Ryan Gosling?

Transformer vs Kingsman


Shia LeBeouf or Taron Egerton?

The Duff vs. Zamperini


Robbie Amell or Jack O'Connell?

And this one... I just had to do this.


Matt Damon or Casey Affleck?

Would anyone be upset if either Damon or Affleck got cast? Not me.

Have any other suggestions? Write them in the comments.

Vote for Marvel's on-screen Scorpio too!


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