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Following the whole fiasco regarding Rosie O'Donnel's adoptive daughter, Chelsea, it seems that finally the details of her bizarre disappearance are being unravelled.

If you remember correctly, 17-year-old Chelsea, who suffers from mental illness, went missing on August 11 and was found by police on Tuesday, when representatives of the family told us:

"Rosie wants to thank everyone for their help, especially the South Nyack, New York, and Barneget Light, New Jersey, police departments. Her daughter Chelsea O’Donnell has been located by the police and is safe in their custody."

Located via her cell phone, the young girl was found with her dog, Bear, in a town approximately 130 miles south of her mother's home. However, it was in whose home she was found that raised a few eyebrows (mildly put!) amongst the police.

Chelsea was found in a New Jersey home of an alleged heroin addict

A 25-year-old man, Steven Sheerer, has now been charged with endangering the welfare of a child by housing Chelsea in his home.

A statement from the Prosecutor's Office also added that after searching the young girl's phone, police found "evidence of inappropriate communications over the last several weeks" between Chelsea and Steven.

The complaint actually stated that:

He "knowingly distributed obscene images to a minor ... specifically a nude photo over the Internet."

Because of this, he is charged with child endangerment and distribution of obscenity to a minor.

For this, he could face up to a decade in prison for the crime.



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