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After the roaring success of Furious 7, the next step is surely to... give it a theme park ride? This is certainly Universal Studios' thinking, and Lionsgate are ready to do one better with a proposed Hunger Games theme park ready to open its gates (or maybe dump guests into the arena) in 2016.

With The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter such a crowd-grabber that Universal Studios have TWO versions of the attraction, it seems like theme parks are all the rage for franchises these days. So what can you expect from the world's hottest new theme parks?

Supercharged is Superawesome!

I was honestly hoping this would just be a carousel with replicas of the Fast & Furious cars to sit in, but it actually seems like it's a pretty wild ride! You get to experience your very own car chase, and starring Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Rock “The Dwayne” Johnson, and Michelle Rodriguez to help you along the way. Unfortunately, the Rock's epic elbow napkin does not make an appearance. Don't think it's a good idea? Well, here's a several celebs telling you it's awesome.

You can grab your tickets to this ride in Universal Studios now, and for the Floridians among you, never fear: your own version is coming to the Orlando resort in 2017, coinciding with Fast 8. Get ready to live the film!

May The Odds Be In Your Favor

Ever want to find out how you'd fare in the Hunger Games? Well now you can! But you'll have to go to Dubai to find out. Lionsgate are partnering with Dubai Parks and Resorts, a new attraction that will comprise of Legoland Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, and Motiongate Dubai (aka Hollywoodland). It hasn't yet been revealed what kind of rides the Hunger Games section will comprise of, but don't volunteer just yet... you never know what you might face in the arena!

Yeah... maybe start improving those archery skills...

There's gonna be lots of retail opportunities too. Could we see Peeta's bakery and posh boutique shop Effie's Trinkets? Let's hope they start inventing that burning-clothes tech - if we're in a Hunger Games park, you better believe we want to set our clothes on fire!

Dismal Display For Dismaland

This definitely belongs in the list of Things You Never Thought Would Get A Theme Park But Did. Banksy's gone full capitalism and has opened his own park... ironically (I guess). Full of heavy-handed comments on commercialism, poverty, and the Police State, Dismaland is being lauded as one of the most enjoyable art installations ever (though I don't think Banksy meant it in that way). Not convinced? Check out the trailer!

With his recognisable street art now available for purchase on everything from t-shirts to cushion covers, Dismaland really begs the question: is Banksy just a parody of himself? Is this really a comment on society, or one of the most ironic sell-out opportunities ever? However you choose to interpret it, you can't deny that it's still pretty impressive.

What's Next?

The sky really is the limit when it comes to amusement parks, so here's what we want to see next...

  • A Breaking Bad meth lab experience
  • MTV Cribs: The Ride
  • [Mad Max: Fury Road](tag:41445) Presents Furiosa's Driving School Of Terror

Ok, that last one I would definitely pay money for. Someone get Warner Brothers on the phone!


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