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It's been a rocky ride for the [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) gang recently, and after an action packed finale to season 2, it looks like we'll be getting plenty more trials and tribulations in season 3.

The official synopsis has given us a glimpse into what we can expect next season, and with plenty of new enemies this has us pretty concerned for the gang! And we can't even hope they'll face the new threats together, with new revelations that hint we'll see a team divided in Agents of SHIELD Season 3.

New Threats & Old Enemies

Ward's up to his old tricks!
Ward's up to his old tricks!

Coulson and the team will have plenty to contend with in season 3. An uneasy truce with Agent Gonzalez and his "Real Shield" lead to an agreement to work together, but can Coulson really cope with looking over his shoulder the whole time? And as Skye (sorry, Daisy) starts her new team of Inhumans, this is sure to cause friction between the Shield factions: Gonzalez hasn't been quiet about his suspicion of anything alien, after all.

Then of course there's Ward's all new, all evil Hydra, as Brett Dalton revealed...

"I think that Hydra doesn't have a sense of leadership at this point. It's a ship in need of captaining. Ward has elected himself, and he's a hero in that story."

Just when we thought they were finally beaten! In true Hydra fashion, Ward is becoming the new head of the corrupt agency, and he's got his own personal vendetta against Shield. And speaking of vendettas, Coulson's gonna get a new rival in the form of House of Cards' Constance Zimmer.

Watch Out Inhumans!

Coulson's greatest rival?
Coulson's greatest rival?

Her character's name hasn't yet been released, but we know she's heading yet ANOTHER government agency called ATCU (Advanced Threat Containment Unit) which will, you guessed it, investigate Inhumans. (Wait, wasn't that the Real Shield in season 2?) The "Advanced" part of the title makes it sound like a Minority Report-esque organisation, hunting down threats before they become, well, a threat. Despite the fact that Cap tried put a stop to that kind of thinking in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](tag:254973)

Up against the ATCU, Coulson will have some tough decisions to make, as Terrigen produces a slew of superpowered people around the globe. We'll probably see Shield step in and try and help these people, before ATCU apprehends them, or even incarcerates them! And that's if Lash doesn't get to them first...

Lash is a formidable foe
Lash is a formidable foe

Played by NCIS' Matthew Willig, Lash is a mean-faced Inhuman who feels it's his duty to decide who is worthy of Terrigenesis. And if they're not worthy then he takes it upon himself to disintegrate them. Fun guy! Skye's team better watch their backs...

Shattered Shield

If these new foes weren't enough to contend with, Shield's also going to have a lot of internal issues. After skipping off on an impromptu vacation, Agent May will return with doubts about her allegiance to Shield, and will apparently be on the fence on whether to return to the agency. Ming Na Wen gave us some insights on her character's dilemma.

"There was definitely a lot of corruption to Shield, as well as uncertainty now with the Inhumans being brought in by Coulson. It's going to be figuring out her final decision [on whether to stay] in Season 3."

And she's not the only badass ready to leave the team: after a traumatising experience at the hands of Ward, season 3 will see Bobbi Morse in recovery. But once she's fighting fit again, will she move on to greener pastures?

Bobbi and Lance in the finale
Bobbi and Lance in the finale

With a new TV show in the works for Mockingbird and Lance Hunter (which is totally NOT a spinoff, according to ABC), the characters' future in Agents of Shield is uncertain. A pilot episode has been ordered, and it's possible that season 3 will lay some track for the dynamic duo to spin off (sorry) on their own adventures. So even if Bobbi and Lance won't depart the show early, there's going to be some kind of parting ways in season 3.

Oh, and according to Elizabeth Henstridge, Jemma's return after her ordeal will be far from easy...

"She’s definitely changed by the experience, and what’s happened to her is going to impact the season — kind of as a theme or something like that."

After Fitz labours for months to find her, it's going to be very difficult seeing Jemma try to adjust back in the real world, and her problems with Inhumans may cause even more friction for the team.

An Uneasy Future

All in all, the outlook for Agents of Shield season 3 is pretty exciting: the team will have lots to deal with and we're excited to see how they rise to the challenges! But what do you think: can Shield survive a season of trials and tribulations? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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