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My madness grew in poverty. Sanity dwindled between false hopes. Like that of sand in an hourglass. Now I have said that I am mad, yes? Well you may know many a madmen who were psychopathic killers, and deranged folk etc. They all had an end game. To achieve the one thing their madness brought forth. Now I tell you I am a new breed of madness. An over intellegant individual whose sanity has shrunken to a grain of microscopic sand. So my intelect knows no bounds. It is time for the rise of the inevitable, to finally occur. The beautiful demise of our supposed great government, however I cannot just simply go in blindly like a child falling in love. No I need to hone my intelligence, grasp the plans and endeavours that I will accomplish. I will give this country back to it's people, without the rule of tiny little men with big guns.

Superior intellect; (Batman, Nigma, and Brainiac.)

You see these individuals have used their vast intellect to achieve greatness, and destruction. Whilst we all live in fear, hardships, dread, and poverty. Big corporations, the rich, and our gilded government. Have all basked in our back breaking labors. I would love nothing more than to hit them hard, hit them where it hurts. Their wallets, their exploits, and their borrowed livelihoods. Hitting them not with brute force, no I want them to scatter like roaches whilst the light flickers on. Draining their riches. Exploiting their dirty deeds. Make them ashamed and embaressed to show their faces in public. Then when they are weak. Take what is not at all theirs, and give it back to the people who have lost it.

Camouflage; (The Chameleon)

Of course I'm going to have to break into these disgusting people's compunds. So I'll need to be adapable. Be able to look like someone that they know. Then I can see how to make them crumble. Place my devices where need be. Once all the traps, bugs, and hardware is in place. I can sit back and watch the gorgeous collapse of these people.

Peak human stamina, strength, and fighting skills; (Batman)

In case the gental approach that I am trying to accomplish doesn't work. I will need to use force to either break into, or to escape into thin air. All plans need a contingency. However the likelihood of my plan A failing is next to nothing. For I have told you that my intellect knows no bounds. Now I have told you my plans. What do you think? Will it work?, will I succeed?, or will I fail.


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