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Pixar made again the animated film that’s very touching after a successful Toy Story 3.


Riley, an 11-year-old child who was cheerful and loves to play hockey. Her whole life is controlled by five emotions that Joy, Sad, Fear, Anger and Disgust. Their job is to keep Riley stay happy. One day, Riley and his family had to move to San Francisco and everything becomes different. In Riley's head, Sad and Joy lost in Riley’s thought and they must return to Headquarters so Riley can back into a cheerful girl.

Ok first, do not to be late to the cinema because there is a short film titled lava. This movie-themed musical and very nice. Stories and songs worked perfectly. Okay finished with a short film, let's move on to the Inside Out

Okay, seen from the graphic, Hollywood animator is currently compete to present a realistic animation and Inside Out has done it successfully. Pixar’s name no doubt considering they had made Toy Story, Up, Wall-E, Monsters Inc., etc. (See the trailer of Inside Out). Pixar animation always develop their animation technology.

Inside out has a story that is fresh and different. I think the theme of Inside Out is slightly less suitable for small children because the theme is about a child's mind to be a teenager along with the conflicts that she experienced. This story may be more understandable for children over 13 years.

Pixar as previous films, can make us laugh, tense and also cry. As I have said, I cried watching this film as same as when watching Toy Story. Damn you Pixar!

I predict that this film will win the Oscar for best animated movie but too bad this film does not have OST such as Let It Go from Frozen

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