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I've been obsessed with The Powerpuff Girls ever since it debuted on Cartoon Network. It centers on three girls created by Professor Utonium; he tried to make the three perfect little using sugar, spice, and everything nice. However, he accidentally put in a powerful formula and it's called Chemical X. Then comes The Powerpuff Girls, three superhero girls who go by the names Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. Together, they save the city of Townsville (governed by the Mayor of Townsville and his assistant, a redheaded woman named Miss Sara Bellum).

The show has a number of Supervillains from MoJo JoJo and Princess Morbucks to the Rowdyruff Boys. At the same time, they also deal with life as kindergarten students attending Townsville Elementary School, in which their teacher is Mrs. Keane. For this fan-cast, I picked three actresses who can play the girls as teens because I couldn't find child actors to play the girls. I think a live action movie would make a great achievement for the franchise, so here's who should be cast.

Blossom: Sophie Turner

Blossom, who is the "Everything Nice" of the group, is the smart one, as well as the self-proclaimed leader of the trio. Her signatures color is pink and has red hair tied to a bow. She is often seen as the the level-headed and composed member, but is also seen as fussy, overbearing and vain at all times. And Sophie is also that girl. She just needs to throw away that sad, negative attitude as Sansa Stark, and lighten herself up for the role.

Bubbles: Sierra McCormick

Bubbles, who is the "Sugar" of group, is the cute one. Her signature color is light blue, and her hair blond, worn in pigtails. Known for her cute and bubbly personality, she has a stuffed octopus doll, whom she called "Octi". Bubbles is also fluent in Spanish and Japanese (as she can get read and understand Japanese manga/anime and understand Spanish when Hispanics speak), as well as communicating with animals and monsters. And Sierra's character in Disney Channel's ANT Farm has an edetic memory and appearance on Jessie saw as an obsessive girl, so Sierra herself will make an okay Bubbles.

Buttercup: Chloe Grace Moretz

Buttercup, whose personality is "Spice", is the tomboy of the trio. Her signature color is green, and she has black hair worn in flipouts. She usually frowns and pouts when the professor calls her by her name because it starts with a B, like the other two girls. Buttercup is also the toughest fighter out of the three, not only because of her name, but also because she tries her hardest to defeat whichever antagonists because of her green blanket. And as for Chloe, her appearances in Kick-Ass and Carrie show that she can be the toughest fighter around and can take down whichever antagonists, like Buttercup does.

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