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The Sons of God webseries is still going strong and is getting plenty of buzz. I got to sit with another character of the project, Blake Kennedy who filled me in on his role within Sons of God.

You're working on the SOG webseries. What character are you playing?

The character I'm playing goes by the name of Peter

Tell me about your character?

Peter is a difficult person to say the least. He's quick tempered, very cocky, and never gives up on anything he's doing. Basically he's me in real life......kidding kidding.

Does your character have any romantic interests?

He might, I guess people will have to watch to find out

No, one is going to budge on the romance questions! (laughter) Did you have to train to play this role? Do you have a background in martial arts?

Well I did have a karate background when I was younger. I finished last place in a competition one time, cried my eyes out. But not really I'm very athletic so I pick things up fairly fast.

What are some of the demands of this role?

For this role I actually did bulk up a little bit......a couple people are definitely laughing at me when I say "bulked" up.

Well, I'm sure you look great before and after your preparation for the role. What about the SOG project excites you?

This project excites me because I get a chance to work with Leo and a great cast. Leo has this vision about this projects that he brings to set every single day and as an actor and an entertainer it really motivates me.

Are you generally a sci fi fan?

I mean I like Star Wars and Harry Potter but other than that not really. Well Star Wars alone will get you some cool points with sci-fi lovers.

What sets this work apart from other sci fi series?

The fact that we're bringing not only sci fi to the table but we're also bringing Greek mythology and karate and vampires.....something that's never really been done before.

What other projects are you working on?

I've been doing a good deal of modeling and have been doing commercials here and there.

What are your goals as an actor?

My goal as an actor is to honestly to have a legitimately big role in a Martin Scorsese film. May sound far fetched but you have to set your goals big if you ever want to succeed. The reason I say Marty is because I love his films, they all have a certain way of telling if story and I love it. Also Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio are by far two of my all time favorite actors.

Well Leonardo DiCaprio has starred in a few Scorcese films so they clearly favor each other, and who doesn't like De Niro? I think that's a great goal. How did you get your start?

I got my start technically in my high school play where I played Scrooge. But I say I got it just from watching gray actors like Leo, De Niro, Jack, NPH, and there's ton more. They really made me fall in love with acting and were definitely role models for me.

What are your greatest struggles as an actor? What are the perks?

My greatest struggles....hmmmm I would say having to deal with constantly being told no.....being told no over and over can deflate someone very easily. But I have such a love and such a passion for acting that I'll never stop ever.

What a great attitude. To learn more about Sons Of God, visit the Sons of God Fan Page on facebook or check out the Sons of God website


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