ByGabriella Winsey, writer at
just because you don't take an interests in her, or dislike here for the mere fact that she is not taking on the role of her young tween self as "HANNAH MONTANA" does not make her anything less then what she is. I frankly think she is amazing; we live in a society that makes women and men alike feel like crap about their body and shaming them for their natural beauty because they do not share the likeness of these photoshopped/airbrushed magazine covers. Once you get your head out of your behind and look beyond the way that she dresses and behaves at times then you would see that she is the one telling your kids and young teens not to care about the opinion of others, and that they are beautiful no matter what. She is the one giving them confidence in themselves. She is the one telling them no matter how much someone is mean or hateful towards you, don't let them run your life or control who you are as a whole. Quite frankly that's a great role model. Unlike most people who would try to find another musician to compare her too so that she doesn't seem so far off the wagon; I will not degrade anyone's name just to get my point across. If you can't understand the positive effects that she has on young adults these days then you probably never will. We are all entitled to our own opinions, and this one is mine. In fact the only way young adults will see what she is doing and how free spirited and happy she is as some form of attention seeking disgrace is because of the constant reiteration of people saying so. Smh the nerve of you people are ridiculous, you were once a young adult or currently are and we have all had our wild times.. she is living, having fun, and being herself. Be happy she is showing you her true colors rather then pretending to be something in the public eye so that you like her more. Would you rather encourage your kids to be "LIARS or FAKES"? Lets not encourage ignorance okay because all that we are telling our kids is that the world is judgmental/hypocritical/and well double standard. I don't know about you but I want my kids to grow up knowing that they are beautiful and I love them for who they are flaws and all, I want them to know they do not have to answer to anyone about their choices, and that they can be free and show who they are rather then conceal it!

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