ByGabriella Winsey, writer at
...hly; I do not condone her behaviors nor her style of dress.. but I do take time to look past the outer shell because it is the effects that she has and the actions that she takes that make her an inspiration. She helps so many young adults get in touch with themselves.. she's out there helping charities among many other things, but because people don't condone or understand her style and presentation they don't even take the time to actually view these things. There is more then just appearance.. she's not out here telling them to go and shake their tailbones, drink, and act inappropriately people have always done that.. they are just choosing now to put the blame on her because everyone is saying she is one of the biggest causes. Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Joan Jett, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez... those are just a few artists that have done the same and then some of what Miley has done! Guess what though? They are all role models to someone.. they are "ENTERTAINERS" and sex sales that's just the way that it is, if you don't like it then don't read it. Bad publicity/Good publicity it really doesn't matter. At least she is not a robot pretending to be something that she is not just so that she can have more fans, she is being herself "YOUNG, WILD, AND FREE" just as a woman in her career at her age would. She has no kids and is a musician/actress. She is paid to live the crazy life we all fantasize about, she dresses crazy slutty and out the box because she's comfortable that way and well the fact that it gets the attention of the public eye is just an added bonus. I never said her style was inspiring to young women or her behavior; I said her actions, her heart, her free spirited mind.. those are inspirational.

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