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Orange Is the New Black season 3 left us with plenty of unanswered questions, but if you can't wait until June 2016 to find out the answers, never fear! We've had a lot of revelations recently, so join us as we break down everything we know so far... and everything we WANT to know about Orange Is The New Black season 4!

The new releases have been pretty detailed, so obviously now's the time to switch tabs, or check out this leaked audition tape from Uzo Aduba...

What a talented lady. Well, onto the spoilers!

What We Know

Fear not, for Alex WILL live to fight another day! The season 3 cliffhanger cast her survival into doubt, as Kubra managed to sneak an assassin into Litchfield. But Alex is ready to take all her enemies down, as Laura Prepon reveals!

"I don't think you're going to see a more timid side of Alex. If anything, she's justified in her paranoia. ... That empowers her, in my opinion."

If Alex wasn't terrifying enough before, she certainly will scare the pants of Kubra's goons when season 4 roles around! And we can't wait to see her kick all kinds of ass.

That is, if the over crowding doesn't get too bad... There's not going to be much room for sneaking around in season 4, as Litchfield opened its gates to a flood of new inmates while our beloved criminals splashed around in blissful ignorance.

Innocent fun
Innocent fun

Orange Is The New Black rarely shies away from harsh topics, though it has come under criticism for sugar coating the experience of incarceration (though obviously, it would be difficult for a cruelly realistic show to inject a comedy element into the situation). But that's all about to change for season 4. Overcrowding's the name of the game, and according to creator Jenji Kohan, things won't be easy when the gang returns to Litchfield.

And speaking of tough times, don't expect a reconciliation between Gloria and Sofia any time soon, if Laverne Cox's words are anything to go by...

"I can't imagine [them making up]. As a viewer watching, seeing how much remorse Gloria has, I always like to believe there's a potential for forgiveness, but this is pretty bad. This is really, really bad."

Expect to see all the consequences of the feud's vicious finale next season, as Sofia tries to recover in the SHU.

Ah, happier times.
Ah, happier times.

But it's not all doom and gloom: we might see Suzanne finally get her dream romance in season 4. Or at least, that's what Uzo Aduba wants to happen.

"That's my wish for her. I want her to know that she is loved, and to meet someone who values her. I think that she would be giving of her heart and her mind and her soul, in complete fullness and complete abandon. And that might be pretty, messy, sticky - but beautiful."

Who could Suzanne finally pair up with? Our money's on Maureen, as her relationship with Suzanne went from strength to strength in season 3, ending on a very sweet "turtle love" note. Fingers crossed Crazy Eyes will finally get her happy ending!

The Big Questions

Bring our Nicky back!
Bring our Nicky back!

So much for what we know. Here's the burning questions we NEED answered in season 4!

  • Will Nick ever come back from Maximum Security? Is she ok? Will she and Red finally get their tearful reunion? Writers and actors alike have kept silent on this issue, much to our disappointment.
  • Where is Bennett? After abandoning Daya's baby, he was conspicuously absent for the rest of the season. And while we're on the subject...
  • What happened to Daya's baby? Did the DEA place the child into foster care, or has Cesar reclaimed custody?
  • Will Piper get released? Her 18 month sentence can only last so long, after all. But it's difficult to imagine how we'll keep up with the inmates while Piper's on the outside - maybe her sentence will be extended for bad behavior (fitting, after Ruby Rose's Stella took the fall for Piper's crime syndicate).

Whatever surprises Orange Is The New Black has in store for us, season 4 is definitely going to be a wild ride. But what would you like to see happen next season? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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