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He's much more than the bad guy. I think maybe he's one of those that was influenced by bad parenting and yes he was loved but he was taught that he was better than normal people. He made bad choices based on the morals instilled in him growing up and that is what makes or breaks someone. Knowing what's OK to do and what's flat wrong, but he also had a crippling need to make his father proud. To do and act as his father would expect although it was a good intention, it doesn't make him good or bad. It makes him human. But he did try to do some good. And that's why he isn't a bad character, but I don't think someone who didn't understand him could date him, as his character is. There's no changing him. He might change a little, but overall he's still going to be who he grew up to be. They would have to be able to live with the fact of who he is inside. I think love is a powerful thing, but I think it would take a strong female to love Draco. One who didn't want to change him, but would support the good in him while discouraging the bad. And in the books he gets married and oddly I was happy for him, but I do think that the teenage obsession with the character is unhealthy because you can't change someone like that. I know because I tried and I got hurt really badly. I just hope all the girls out there realise that people like that aren't always misunderstood. Draco is a complex, interesting character to daydream and inquire about, And hes one of my favorites, but when it comes to real life, safety and smarts are what count.


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