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That's right! If you're living in or visiting Los Angeles during the week of September 25th, we'd love to invite you to come visit us at our new office in Venice! We've got fun games, free food and drinks, and an opportunity to chat about all the exciting possibilities available to you as a Moviepilot Creator.

Go on and click this link to RSVP!

Quick snap from our Moviepilot brunch in June
Quick snap from our Moviepilot brunch in June

Check out what the MP Creator Experience is all about in the video below!

There are lots of great reasons to join us as a Creator, and the best part about living in L.A. is that so many of our fun perks happen right on your doorstep! Want to get in on the fun experiences exclusive to our Creators, like the fans in the video? Become an active Creator and join our perks program to not only start writing about all of the geek media you love raving on about, but to also receive some incredible opportunities and swag!

We hope to see you on September 25th!


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