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The long-standing duel between Arrow's Stephen Amell and Stardust -- also known as Cody Rhodes -- seemingly came crashing down in an epic tag-team match last week at WWE SummerSlam. Amell and Neville took down Stardust and King Barrett, with Amell delivering the finishing blow against Stardust by lauching himself off of the side of the ring and directly into the "villain" below.

But beyond the trash talk, Twitter spats and celebrity sparkle, Amell is well-known for his devotion for charitable causes, so the actor made light of the spectacle by debuting an all-new t-shirt to commemorate it. All proceeds of the shirt went to Emily's House, the first Pediatric Palliative Care Hospice in Toronto, and 6th in all of Canada.

By the end of SummerSlam, the proceeds totaled out to a whopping $228,867.60. Check out the design below:

The limited edition shirt is no longer available, but don't count SummerSlam as the last bout between the two rivals yet. If Amell and Stardust's Twitter feeds are any indication, this battle isn't over.

Could there be a rematch in the future? I wouldn't count it out.


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