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"Is Hollywood getting superhero fatigue?" In the past few years, thought pieces from all ends of the cynical critic's corner have floated through the corridors of the internet, spawning debate on all platforms of middle-grade intelligence. Only rarely have the actors behind the films commented on the idea, but in a recent interview, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870)'s own Henry Cavill gracefully shook off the thought.

I think it's anything which is prevalent and on top people are going to complain about. At the moment, the superhero genre is the most prevalent genre out there despite the fact that the spy genre is so strong this year.

Things change, phases pass, but everything in entertainment these days is generally inspired by something that came before. Cavill explained that the superhero genre has already spun-off into subgenres, and we're going to see it develop into several different styles of story rather than have it devolve into nothing:

That's just the nature of it. It's one of those decade long genres, the superhero thing, which is going to keep on going and people will complain about it all the time, of course. The secondary genre each year will change, and this year it just so happened to be spy."

I wonder what Cavill would think of the spies of the DC Universe on the big screen -- heroes like Nightwing/Grayson and Huntress, or Lois Lane's role as a spy in Flashpoint Paradox? With DC's on-screen universe building, they have a full, open canvas of secondary genres to expand upon -- so let's hope, for our sake and Henry Cavill's, that these ideas are in the works already.


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