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Chapter4: Memories

Loki (3rd person)

The first thing Odin noticed about the girl was her countenance. She was quite lovely. Her hair was old gold, just past her shoulders with a short part off to the side, almost in front of one eye. Her eyes were blue, almost Jotun blue. Her skin was fair and she looked up at him with pride and confidence.

Loki had noticed as well. They had all noticed. There is no denying she’s Asgardian. Not with her looks. He looked over at his brother, and saw Thor’s expression. And he is quite taken with her as well.

Jealousy surged within him, and he didn’t know why. He had had enough with women. Hadn’t he?

“Why did you come to Asgard young lady?”

She looked up at Odin again, her eyes flickering to Loki, before resting on Odin. “I was being attacked when I called for Heimdall…I didn’t know it would take me to Asgard.”

This puzzled Loki. He had many questions about this Halfling. Something told him he’d be sneaking into his father’s private library later on to find out more.

“My dear, you seem to know much of Asgard. Yet you have never resided here. Correct?”

She nodded. “I was born and raised on earth by my mother. My father is Asgardian.”

“Who is your father?” This questions had been on Odin’s mind since the Halfling first came to Asgard 4 days ago. Her father had to have been powerful. He had to be someone who had stayed with her long enough for her to have known who she was.

“I do not know…”She trailed off. “He never told me his name.”

“How long did your father stay with you then?” Odin was clearly disappointed that she did not know. He would probably ask Loki to search her memories later on.

“He was with me for 10 years of my life…and been absent for 13.” Odin nodded, satisfied with that answer at least.

“Young lady, it seems as though your father had foreseen your arrival to Asgard.”

Noelle nodded. “He had told me it was his wish.”

“Very well. We will conclude this questioning for now. I welcome you to Asgard for now.” He dismissed her.

It was quicker than Loki had expected. But as he looked towards the lovely woman again, he could see she was drained. She rose, hissed slightly, threatening to fall.

He didn’t even wait. Loki sprang forward to her aid, his arm around her waist to hold her up. When he went to grab her arm, he felt cool metal and muscular arm. He looked up to see his brother glaring at him. He glared back. How silly. We both wanted to help her.

“I will escort her back to the healing room.” Thor said.

“No, I believe I shall escort her.” Loki said, his voice like ice. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t want Thor to be alone with her. He knew that look of determination in his eyes. He wanted to woo this one.

“I believe the healers will escort her to the healing room.” Odin said, looking unamused at his sons. Frigga seemed like she was trying not to laugh. She had never seen them openly competitive to escort a young lady.

Both young men waited until the healer approached to let her go, both glaring at one another. The healer helped her a few feet before picking her up and carrying her out of the hall. Loki wished he could be the one looking after her. He had so many questions.

“It seems we will have to dig deeper for answers.” Odin remarked to no one in particular. “We need to make sure she is telling the truth.”

“Father, I will vouch for her. She was being truthful.” Thor jumped to the girl’s defence.

“We do not know this. I do not wish to find out she has been lying.” Odin was thoughtful.

“Father, I could search her memories. Not only will it give us proof of her innocence, but we may be able to still find out who her sire is.” Loki stepped forward. This would be his chance. Odin thought for a few moments, before nodding.

“You may do so. But-“He held up his hand in warning to his youngest son. “She must consent to it, and she must be aware will you search.”

Loki nodded. “Of course. I will simply ask her to remember her father. Simple.”

“You may see the healers and they shall tell you when she will be ready.”


Noelle’s P.O.V

It’s been two days since I first met with Odin. Every day since he’s requested my presence to ask me more about myself. Mostly, the questions were about my childhood with my father, what he was like, what he taught me. I didn’t know why that was so important to him. Maybe he wanted to find my father for me? Maybe he wanted my father to take care of me?

I’ve been sitting in the healing room for the last few days. The healers do their best to entertain me, telling me stories of the two princes, fetching me books of lore, and simply talking to me. But with the palace guard and trainees requiring treatment for cuts and other injuries, it’s pretty brief. They simply don’t have time for me.

I’d been talking to a healer, when she was called to assist in a lesson being done; the healers were trained in the palace by the head healers. From what I understood, it was a rigorous training.

There were three primary roles in Asgard: Healer, Warrior and Mage. There were other ‘Jobs’ around, such as trades, servantry in many areas, merchants. Asgard was a lot like earth, except it lived and breathed like an early innovative society. But there were a lot of cool things here.

When the healer sitting with me hurried away, I sighed. I was tired of sitting by myself every single day. I was actually looking forward to the meetings I had with Odin, because I couldn’t walk around anywhere else. I tried pacing the healing room, but I just got in the way.

I looked at the open door to the healing room. My healer had been leaving to go assist lessons every day since I got here, so I had a good estimate to when she’d be back. I looked around, checking that no one would see me leave. I was already dressed for the day in a beaten gold dress with only one shoulder, since I was seeing Odin again today.

After my check, I got up. I was getting better. I still had to be helped down stairs, but I could more or less go around without being carried. Not that I had minded at first, since getting around took ages, but I liked my independence. I still felt slight twinges from my ribs, and my face was still a little tender, but the bruising had gone away. That was the fastest I’d ever healed from a bruise. I mean, I usually healed a bit quicker than humans. But never this fast.

I walked out of the healing room, and took a left. If I got lost, I’d just turn back. I had a good sense of time, so I was sure I’d be back soon enough before my healer.

I hadn’t seen much of the palace, and when I did leave my room I didn’t have time to admire. But looking around now, I knew why my father loved Asgard so much. It was beautiful. The walls were gold, the floors were white marble. There were rows of pillars, all ornately carved. There was a large picture window a few feet down the hall, a cushioned bench. I hadn’t gotten to see the outside of Asgard either so I hurried over.

The sight was breathtaking. I could see gardens from here, the trees reminding me of earth. I could see what looked like to be an ocean, though it ended in a waterfall leading to the sky. I could see people bustling about on the palace grounds. Asgard was beautiful and full of life. No sight on earth could compare. I thought seeing the isle of Capri a few years ago was the greatest sight I would ever see. I was so wrong.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” A voice behind me said, making me jump. Since my attack, I’ve been jumpy. Garrick betrayed me, so anyone else could too. But I recognised the voice after jumping out of my skin; Loki, prince of Asgard.

I turned and dropped a curtsy. “Prince Loki.” I kept my head down. “You startled me.”

He chuckled. “I know. I saw you jump. I did not mean to startle you. And you do not have to bow to me.”

I got up from my curtsy. “I was not sure how to address you.”

He chuckled again. When I looked confused, he explained. “You change your manner of speaking every day. When you first came here, anyone could tell by your manner of speaking that you were from Midgard. Asgard is having an effect on you.”

I nodded. I had noticed that I avoided using contractions when I spoke to people. It was getting easier every day. Soon, I would be speaking perfect English.

“My lady, should you not be in the healing room?” Loki asked, leaning against the wall. It was then I remembered I was sneaking out.

“I wanted to see more of Asgard. Bed rest is boring me.” I answered truthfully.

“I agree. Bed rest is terribly annoying. But,” He smiled. “You are lucky I came to pay you a visit. You will not be seeing the All-father today. I am here on his behalf to search your memories.”

I was confused. What was he going to do? “Why does the All-father want you to do this?”

“Because if I can get a good glimpse of your father, he might be recognised. We could find him.” Loki said, motioning me to sit down on the bench. I glanced at him before I did, wondering if he was truly telling the truth.

“How will this work?” I asked as he sat down. I was hoping it was painless. I was done with being in the healing room. I didn’t need another reason to stay there.

“I will ask you to remember something. What you remember, I will see.”

I nodded. “Alright. What if I don’t remember?” I wanted to find my father. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me here. I was completely lost. At least if my father was with me he could see to it that I learned what I needed to know and give me a place to sleep.

“You will.” He smiled. “I’ve done this before. No matter what, you will have a thought going through your head. I see your mind without you remembering. I know you’re anxious to find your father because you don’t know where you will go here.”

I was shocked. “Have you been reading my thoughts this whole time?” I hoped not. My thoughts were private!

He shook his head, serious again. “I have not. Now, shall we begin?” I nodded. “I want you to remember your father. Anytime in your life, whatever he was doing, remember it.”

I thought, smiling. I remembered my father picking me up and tossing me around every night when I was a child. We were both laughing, and my mom was watching us, laughing as well. I remembered him tucking me in, telling me a story of Asgard before I went to sleep. He had the same old gold hair, with brown eyes. I remembered him leaving, waving to me before he disappeared.

“Very good.” Loki said. I opened my eyes.

“Do you… do you know him?” I asked, hopeful.

He shook his head. “I do not. But Odin may. He seems familiar to me. He must be a noble. Nobles live in the castle court, I may have seen him.”

“What will happen to me if he does not recognise my father?” I wanted to be in Asgard a little longer. I wanted to see it to the fullest. Would Odin just send me home?

“He would not.” Loki interrupted my thoughts. I looked over and sent him a glare. I didn’t like him reading my thoughts. “I apologise. It is second nature to me to read others thoughts. Odin will not simply turn you away. You are an Asgardian. As for where you may live, he will most likely want you to stay in the castle court. It is safer for you, and he may keep an eye one you.”

“Why would he want that? I have not done anything wrong.” I was getting the sense that Odin was a control freak. He was going to keep tabs on me. What could I possibly do?

“He wants to observe you. There has only ever been one Halfling to reach Asgard. There is little detail to his power. He may want to record any habits or power you may possess. Which I” he turned to look at me with those piercing green eyes “would like to know as well. You are a curious being.”

I didn’t know what to tell him. I healed quicker than humans. But I healed even quicker for me here in Asgard. I ran faster than human men. I had incredible sight and hearing, according to a physician report I received every year. I had never been able to test my strength so I didn’t know much about that. I never got sick.

“That was very informative.” Again, I glared at him. He was way too nosy.

“Do not do that again.” I said, my tone icy.

“I apologise. I am very curious. But you do not know much about yourself, do you?” I shook my head. “Well, that settles it. You will know much more tomorrow.” He stood up.

“What? Where are you going?” What was with this guy? One minute he was probing my mind, the next he was speaking in riddles.

“Meet me here tomorrow around the same time as we met today. I will have something for you.” He turned and walked away before I could answer.

“Alright then.” I said a little sarcastically.

I turned to look at the view again when someone cleared their throat. I turned, and my stomach dropped a bit. Damn. It was my healer. And she was clearly not happy.

“Young lady, are you not supposed to be in the healing room?” She asked.

“I was getting a little fresh air. I did not go far.”

“You should not be out and about just yet!” My healer scolded me like a child. I was twenty three, and had a mother of my own. I didn’t need this healer giving me trouble because I was tired of being cooped up for nearly a week.

And then it hit me: I had been gone a week. Mom. She was probably having a heart attack! What if she was looking for me? Or called the police? What if she thought I was missing?

“And I do not want you to wander off again.” My healer had been ranting while I panicked.

“Healer, she was with me.” Loki appeared out of thin air. Literally. “Odin sent me to search her memories to find her father. I will also be meeting with her tomorrow. I did not like being in the healing room, and decided we should sit out here instead.”

Did he just get me out of trouble? I thought in disbelief.

The healer was stunned, but quickly composed herself. “I-I was not informed. I apologise. But do not keep her too long.” The healer walked away. She clearly did not expect that. Neither had I. And what was with his disappear, reappear act?

“I suspect she would like to you to return with her.” Loki said smoothly. “Also, your mother is fine. Heimdall had sent her a message of your whereabouts. Apparently, she has been prepared for this.” And then he disappeared again. I let out a sigh in relief. As long as she didn’t think I was missing or dead. And as much as I hated Loki reading my thoughts, I was glad he did. This time.

Loki may have thought I was a curious being. But I found myself more intrigued in him than anything else.


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